5 January 2010

Pet Projects to Showcase on the Holidays

Alright - I just have to throw in a couple of photos of my pampered pooch - because that is what he is. And I know how I sound - just like other people I used to hear going on about their pets - but - that's ok because I am a convert, so bear with me!

However, being new pet owners - I knew we had to include Pepper in our decor, so here is what I came up with - you don't need the holiday theme like I've used for one of the projects - just adjust it to suit your own surroundings!

First - I created a feature wall - and chose the only spot left which was in plain view, a corner by our livingroom window. But I balanced the pictures so it works really well - and I am keeping it sans the one holiday photo/frame which I am sure will be replaced soon with something new.

My first project was to create a homage to our lil guy!  So I put this collage together - inside a shadowbox style frame. It's based on a scrapbook page design I saw in the archives of SU's library - but I made it my own with all the details. {Sorry - hard to take pics of something inside glass!}  It's titled "U R Priceless " and you can see the lettering on the outside of the frame and inside. The coin with the X wire over top is meant to mean 'no amount of money' could replace a pet - they're priceless. Lots of glue dots and dimensionals used here to elevate embellishments, and using the wire is an old fav technique of mine - esp. combined with beading. The chocolate frame, the green background - all work towards blending with our decor. So I love this - its a bit fussy, but it's great - here is one project you can think up lots of tiny details and it all works well!

My next project was to make a photo frame. I know we can buy them - but here's a cheaper alternative {the ones at the photo place were $5 and up - mine cost $2.00 at most. I use one of our IN COLOR cardstocks for the frame, So Suede. I wanted a 'home-grown' comfy look - so I stitched the cardstock backing (solid piece of paper) to the front frame (using a hobby knife I cut out a rectangle to frame photo) with some crochet thread in red and green. Finally - the tree! This was fun - layer 2 pieces of green cardstock and cut 2 of a loppy christmas tree outline you sketch on the back of  the cardstock.  Use 1 of the trees to cut stained-glass style into 3 parts - toss one aside. Use white craft ink, powder the trees to look like they're frosted with snow. Now using dimensional glue dots - position the two parts over the full tree frame and decorate your tree. I decided to punch out a heart which I 'tucked' behind one of the tree layers. And that is also now a fav project of mine!

Well - there is more but I must go for now - its movie day!  But not before I sneak in another pic of our cutie!

Here he is enduring our 'attention' - and then with his new christmas toy - oh, I feel a scrapbook page coming on!   HAPPY NEW YEAR !   OXOX


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