18 February 2010

Stampin' Up!'s NEW Clear Blocks - Tips and what I am Learning!

Hi everyone!  LOOK - here's my dining table after I picked out my order and it's always like christmas when you put in a nice-sized order!  CLICK on the picture to see it better!

 The best part of this one is that several items shown here are FREE because of the SALE-A-BRATION rewards going on at STAMPIN' UP!  So if you want to have your own goodies - and your dollars stretch real well - then contact me with your order!  You still have to March 31, so you don't want to forget that - 'K? OK!

I haven't scratched the surface on this one yet - but we are definitely going to have a blast in March's classes!

First - I want to show you up close what the new clear blocks look like - so here's a pic I took....and you can see that they have a groove around their center and the edges are rounded, ...and I can tell you that it really makes a big difference...they are so smooth! Lovin' that :)  I know from experience that you want a) thick blocks so that your fingers don't touch the ink pads...and b) a good grip which is where the indented sides of these come into play - you won't be dropping these and get your paper all smooched up with ink! .....and c) the edges are smooooth - which is much better than the blocks I have with their sharp edges - always bothered me but no more!!!  AND finally, d) they have labels - so you know which size you grab (just in case you don't have to think about it - they are clearly labelled by size, and have the Stampin' Up! logo.

So you have heft due to their thickness, yet lightness of touch due to the nice grip and comfort so you won't be nervous each time you go to use them ....in fact, THESE ARE A PLEASURE TO WORK WITH!!!  Thumbs up Stampin' Up!

And they just look lovely too - don't they?

Alright - here is another tip I want to pass on....the clear blocks can be ordered as a 'bundle' for a 10% discount (for us Canadians, it's $94.95 plus tax & S/H, item # 118491).  But what I did was this - I sat for a moment and thought what sizes do I really need right now?  And also, what sizes will come in most handy?  

So here is what I came up with....instead of ordering the complete bundle - I decided to order the sizes I knew I would use the most PLUS order duplicates of the ones I thought I need at one time!  So, if you take one set of stamps - size C or D will cover the larger flowers, and size A and B will cover the smaller stamps. Size G or H will take care of greetings. 

But sets can have several stamps the same size - and knowing that it would bug me to take one stamp off a block and replace it with another, I decided to order TWO OF THE SAME SIZE in a couple of sizes......my order therefore went like this:  A - 1 block; B - 2 blocks; C - 2 blocks; D - 2 blocks; G - 2 blocks; H - 1 block.  

And sure enough it worked great!  I used my new Vintage Vogue stamp set and I was able to put every stamp in that set on a block all at the same time, and used them through out the night without having to stop to change a stamp.

I know it may not be your first consideration if your budget won't allow it - but you might want to consider this way if you stamp a lot. Or like me - give classes. 

Teeny, Tiny Stamps & Blocks

First - let me say, I am really enjoying working with Pretty In Pink....paper, ink, ribbon - its never boring because it is such a refreshing colour!  Name suits it to a tee! 

But tiny stamps and small blocks - I must say that the small block, block A is so adorable and so is G.  Here is another interesting development that happened ....when I had to do a tiny, tiny heart stamp, I naturally thought of using A - the smallest square block. [picture above]

 But it occurred to me that G block, a small, narrow rectangle block might be better by putting the heart on the very end.  By putting the small heart on the end of  G works because you have better hand/eye control. {just be sure it has the width to equal your stamp size}

This is a consideration when using Stampin' Up!'s CRAFT INK PADS - because they are moist - and any real pressure dips the stamps & block right into the pad - which leaves you with ink where you don't want it.  When I put the tiny heart on the end of G Block - it was less block surface, and the shape was easier to work with -almost like working with a dabber.  A block is working great with other small stamps - you'll find your own methods. I recommend both!

Tiny stamps - tiny problems - what can I say? LOL!.

Well - I hope I gave you something to think about today!  Any questions - just give me a shout!
xxoo everyone! Have a great day!

*************************************************************************** :)

Block A = 1 1/4 x 1 3/16 inch, $ 5.95 # 118487
Block G = 3/4 x 2 1/2 inch, $ 6.50 # 118489
Block B = 1 5/8 x 1 15/16 in. $7.95 3 117147
Block C = 2 x 2 1/4 in $8.95 # 118486
Block D = 2 7/8 x 2 11/16 $ 11.50 # 118485
Block E = 3 7/16 x 4 7/16 in $ 15.95 # 118484
Block F = 4 7/8 x 6 in. $ 22.95 # 118483
Block H = 1 5/8 x 4 7/16 in. $ 11.50 # 118490
Block I = 2 1/4 x 5 7/8 in. $ 15.95 # 118488
Block Bundle = Blocks A - I  $94.95 # 118491

Clear Blocks are made from high-quality, sturdy 3/4" acrylic.  Etched for identification with each corresponding letter.  Each ' Clear Mount ' Stamp Set comes in a handy storage plastic case - about the size of a DVD - storage is a cinch! Case front will display an insert with all stamp images at 100 percent and spine shows thumbnail images of all stamps - making it easy to find your stamp set. Extra Clear Mount Stamp Cases for sale. $6.95/4  #119105


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