18 April 2010

An Open Window Card

Hi ladies!
Let's honour our retiring Lavender Lace and Passion Pink cardstock!
Today's card is about trying out a new lay-out which I will simply call "Open Window"
From seeing a drugstore card, I tweaked around with the idea at home. 

Thee's one flower to each window but slightly off-set  
so that  both flowers become visible from the front of the card. 

 I chose a stem and even hand-wrote
part of one message using my markers.
Another point was to use the white gel pen to make stitching lines around a window...
.....the idea is to have fun!

Inside, one card I wanted to use a scrap piece of vellum with the following greeting...
but when I put the vellum up against the pink cardstock, I thought it looked
a little bland. Part of that is because the letters were very close
to the colour of the cardstock. As well, phantom words had 
been on the vellum in the background, and parts of those are visible
making it even more dicey.

My solution was to use a scrap of lighter coloured cardstock 
behind the vellum and then hightlight the "Wonderful" word.
To hightlight the word, I used pastel chalk, and created 
a small ribbon of hot pink chalk - see pic.

And here it is, pretty simple, huh?

Of course, I need my bling!
Bring out the gem brads to the rescue! 
I love to use gem brads in place of the 
letter 'o' all the time!

Now, its got a home on the inside which completes my sentiment....
"Because of you, its a Wonderful World"
My Happy Birthday was stamped on the opposite side. 
And a few more embellishing went on....

Basically, the same card in Lavender Lace. But I chose to
have more fun with glitter on this one.

Those glue pens work great for doing fine glitter work! 

Another thing, I like to tie in my handwritten notes to the card.
I use the stamps from the card, to stamp the paper I write on - 
nothing too crazy, just one corner works great! 
I think these are the things that make the recipient feel special -
its like getting candy on your pillow at the hotel, a small gesture
but works at making you feel nice :)

So there you have it.....so make someone feel nice by 
receiving a card from you - no reason needed, just a friendly hello!



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