20 March 2010

Altered Objects I - Children's Book

Hello fellow crafters!   Today I wanted to share a project I am currently working on. And its a recyclable one! Double points, lol :)

 One day I found a thick, stubby children's book at a second-hand sale - and it occurred to me to alter it. It had a different shape to it along with a few pages that slide open to reveal hidden sections - perfect!

 It's been in the 'making' for quite awhile. Basically I am doing work on it in stages. There was the 'preparation' stage which included giving the 'glossy' pages a slight sanding (regular household sandpaper) in order for me to adhere paper to it. This also meant sliding the hidden sections open & prepping those as well.

While the majority of the book has been covered in paper, one half of a page was covered with white paper and that in turn was painted. Regular metallic craft paint - looks great.

So this is what I am sharing with you today, Stage 2 - the book has been completely re-covered.  My plans for Stage 3 - is for it to be absolutely covered in bling and ribbons galore! LOL - its probably gonna cost me but hey, what is the point of a hobby if you do not indulge once in awhile! :)

However for Stage 3, I am  creating my own "embellishments" to some extent.  I have started by using my Butterfly die and altering those - and they resemble the expensive "Grand Adhesion Embellishments" made by K & Co. - if I do say so myself!   It's very creative!  You can just dream up and play with ideas till you find ones you really like!!

Here it is in pictures .... beginning the sanding...

Here pages are being covered...I purposefully using papers that do not match in pattern but are in blue-green colours...

Here I've added an origami heart my daughter gave me long ago and a tiny flower stem given to me by another lady years ago. Opening the sliding section gives me some journaling areas! I de-constructed the page, learned how it was working, covered the sections and put it back together using a brad for more stability.

Pages are thick so I am colouring the edges with markers.

This is the painted paper - its actually a metallic green, looks golden. The page beside them has nice embossed glossy pattern - so I added a small strip of sugar cardstock (pale blue) over the painted section - to tie the two pages together.

Here I am beginning the 'bling'!!!!  See the butterfly - its one I've made.

I started to cut out another butterfly shape to create a stained glass effect......lots of work with the hobby knife!

Then made its opposite by using the cut-out pieces! I hand cut out "body" shapes, doubled them and folded the top layer upwards for dimension. It's totally fun to just play this way! Nothing is the 'right' way - it's what-ever strikes your imagination at the time....then add more bling!  Bling makes everything look great.
My supporting layer behind the stained glass butterfly is a butterfly made from white paper that I coloured with ink using a brayer to blend the 3 colours.


Here is the close-up which shows the body section, as I mentioned, its double-layered, folded outward and 2 pearls for antennas!

And another ....told you, its fun!  I even tried cutting a butterfly from a large faux leaf, and from jean fabric - but those are for another day.....

Now here they are on a page that I inked up in two colours, and then began to stamp butterflies in no particular order, then......

......I added words randomly, in a white craft ink! This page will hold more photo's with mats in white most likely, so it will really look nice ....and some bling of course!

So here it is - Stage One completed.  I have purchased a wee bit of bling to start as you saw - but that is nothing to what this will eventually have. Ribbons too!  Transparencies to layer over photos....the sky is the limit!  

I'll show the finished project one day!

Its a great project that:  a) takes time which is good for having an ongoing, larger project; and b)is great for using up paper - or buying paper in a pack or kit or one sheet at a time - which in itself is fun!; and c) its a recyclable method of using those books you might otherwise tossed - or you can ask your neighbor or friend for their old books!; d) its a wonderful creative exercise!  And finally - you will have a unique album that no one else will see in stores, one you can be proud of after your work is completed - when 'you' feel its completed, and I hope I've inspired one of you to give it a try!   


Susan.... said...

Fabulous work Beverly ! just had a catch up on your blog !
Hope all is going well for you and your daughter..
Susan X

Beverly's Stamping Beehive said...

Hi hun!

Thanks very much, we're great - nice to see you!

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