24 March 2010


Hello fellow crafters......hope everyone is crafting on something this week!
Here is my furball as he was last week-end on our Easter Spring class - I'm sure he has no ideas in his lil' head as to what we were up to, lol!  Probably just hoping we'd have treats!

We DID have treats - and I owe a "Thank You!" to my daughter for taking time to decorate my mini-cupcakes so nicely - see aren't they cute?  She likes the decorating aspect - not so much the baking, ha ha...well, we all have our specialties, don't we! 

Here are some of the results of the SUNDAY CLASS! Pretty nice! Everyone did such nice work! 

In total, each member did 2 sets of a card & matching pillow favour box as I describe in my CLASS DETAILS in an earlier blog (dates are shown to the right side)...and one set is completely different in 'feeling' - and EVERYONE'S LOOKED FABULOUS! 

BIG WELCOME to new crafters KIM and JULIA!

I will add more details to my LINK to my demonstrator blogging later on - check it out! 

Meantime, I hope to see more of you in class - come on out and play! 

Cheers, Beverly


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