14 May 2010

Punch Flowers

BOY - AM I having fun making 'punch art flowers' this past couple of days!!!  It's now a new passion of mine!
I can't wait to finish a few pages more of my new, dedicated to FLOWERS MINI-ALBUM!!!

And I can post a few pics. So c'mon back!

NEXT - ladies - if you are at all interested in owning some of our retiring colours - in what-ever form, such as cardstock, or ink, crayons, ribbon, ....well, you get it.....HURRY ON and ORDER!!!   It turns out that the anticipated level of ordering was under-estimated, or crafters just panicked and decided to grab while they can, and Stampin' Up! is overwhelmed with orders - on certain colours!  So, the solution is a tiny bit complicated....they do want to honour orders until the end of the current catty, but they do not want to re-invest in a new production of product.  SO - substitutions for the more expensive textured cardstock will take place where regular cardstock has run out. (good for the consumer!).....and BACK-ORDERS - are, well, on back-order.  SO it remains to be seen, how many of us will have our fav retiring products by the end of it all.

Just sayin'...so you know!

GONE ALREADY - NO MORE! The cute lil felt flowers, the paper of the Sweet Pea line and the On Board Heart (chipboard book)- is all gone.

And I am trying to balance this with all the new stuff I want from the NEW OCCASIONS MINI-CATALOGUE - sheesh! Such problems!!!! LOL!


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