8 May 2010

The ways stamping becomes part of the home! Create photo memories of your hobby.

You know, I love taking pictures of just plain things around our home - they're snapshots of how we are living today, for us to view tomorrow!  I've been doing it now for a really long time. And I am fond of looking at them from time to time - just little postcard reminders of a time now past.

Like long ago, I took a picture of my daughter's tiny shoes placed next to mine by the door.  Or how a vase of flowers was by the kitchen sink - with a flower in it that she brought home from school. Those are esp. fun to see now.

Sometimes, its just a mess of my craft supplies - a table setting, a little vignette of personal belongings grouped together in the china cabinet....once I took a picture of myself peering through a clear vase filled with blue tinted water. The vase's shape curved my face - it was one of the more interesting portraits of myself because it was just whimsically goofy - something I am sure my daughter will laugh at in years to come.

I do try to convince everyone to let their guard down and let us take pictures of each other in everyday moments - as you come out after a shower in a housecoat and your hair wrapped in a towel -- its more 'you' that speaks to your close family than any fancy portrait taken in a studio.

See, this is me.....photo op for a craft event I was doing...

But so is this...I look like this making up projects in the wee hours...

But often, I decorate things in my home - or leave messages - or even like in my earlier post, make entire projects with my rubber stamps, my tools, inks and ribbons, etc. And they become an integral part of my life ---for a time!   And by taking a snapshot of them, seals that particular time making a little " time capsule" called my photo collection!

Here is what I mean....our two keychain/door passes that I decorated, side by side....

And also, our dog's biscuit jar that I put stickers on....

Or for awhile, when we first got the dog, I made these signs and posted them everywhere, lol....even on my daughter's bathroom mirror, lol!

Now, I've made her a small clipboard center - where she can keep those darn ID tags and cards she needs - and can't find at the last minute!   It's got a little post it note pad - so technically, its a message center!  She also said, I needed to go outside my 'usual' colour choices - well, I hope she got her wish! ha ha ....

The family unit! 

My own 'reminder' systems....

Another stamper friend and I taking pictures of each other!

Look - I'm stamping last minute - on the bus!  I am so proud of myself, I took my own picture to prove it, lol!

Look - one day, this will remind me of all the ribbon I started to collect....a scrapbook moment! 

And my little 'Bee' mascot watching on during a class...it's Beverly's Stamping Beehive after all! 

Now that Stampin' Up! has clear blocks and repositionable rubber stamps - pictures like this will be less often!  

I'm sure my daughter will be pleased to be reminded of when we held a craft event at Ronald MacDonald House at christmas time....

So, however you wish to do it....just take pictures of all sorts of things in those quiet times, the crazy-paced times, and of things that seem quite ordinary - and anything to do about your hobby -  because after all, it is a collection of what we are!  And just see if you don't find a way to put it together in a scrapbook!  I double-dare ya!

Have a great week-end!  Be Back to finish off my Mother's Day project - and I'm off tomorrow to another craft event, yeahhhhh! 

yours truly, B! 


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