6 October 2010

Stampin' Up! Design-A- House Decor Element

Me again!

More awesome news about SU! products that I want to share with you!

Hurray - we have a simple to use 'HOUSE' to DECORATE!!!!  

Our newest decorative element to have fun with for the holidays is the DESIGN-A-HOUSE DECOR ELEMENT which is a cute yet simple house design which you could decorate in any way you like!  

Design-A-House Decor Element      # 120911

How about a haunted house?  Or gingerbread house, a candy cane house?   Or I could see making it 'your own' house with your street numbers on the front - everyone would want their own when they see yours!

I think too that like the traditional activity - you could gather the family to help decorate this as a fun event!  If my daughter was still very young - we would of made one for the grandparents!  {we did actually, but we had to build one out of cardboard in those days! TIP: I can tell you one way which we decorated it: combine poster paint with sand and paint, it gives it great texture and looks like real stucco!}

I also think it would look great decorate solely with ribbon!  Or use our latest FABRIC {see examples below} to co-ordinate with the RUB-ONS and CHRISTMAS STAMP SETS in our HOLIDAY MINI-CATALOG!  You really get to use your imagination on this one!

Love to see what you do!


Nifty 'stone spray' by Janet Wakeland

and a cute polka dot by Paula from Utah!  


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