18 June 2011


Hi everyone!  

I am so excited to make an important announcement!
From here on, I shall be known as Taylor - in fact, Taylor B!   
AND ....
my blog, and studio shall be known as
  Craft Room Afternoons with Taylor B. 

What is different 
My original blog - Beverly's Stamping Beehive 
contents have been conveniently re-located to here! 

My  name has changed slightly!
 I'm  TAYLOR  B. 
Its not a huge stretch - I like it! 
For my old customers, I hope you will not be too hard pressed to remember - pretty please with sprinkles on it?  I will kindly remind you, lol - it won't take us long before my old name will fade out! 

For my "studio"....

   I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.  
I am a craft/event designer. 
 I am a Arts and Crafts Teacher.  
And ...
I am also a Mom,
 an active member of my community.  

I have a passion I am pursuing and  my Customers/Students and Blogging is forefront in this!

Naming my business ' Beverly's Stamping Beehive ' was a temporary measure, 
...alas - if only "Taylor-Made" was available!
You should be known by that which reflects the nature of your passion - while addressing the practical elements of marketing. 
 For instance, I wanted a  welcoming name which says:   Come and craft - relax! enjoy!  

My Craft Room  is really where you'll find me half of the time and Afternoons  not only "rolls off the tongue" , but it reflects our nature to feel there is sunshine in the day when we can steal some special time with our family, or volunteer time somewhere and share ourselves doing what we love - and so I hope you'll FOLLOW  ME here at 
Craft Room Afternoons [with Taylor B!]

THANK YOU - and hopy you come by often!


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