19 September 2009

MIA thanks to dog!

Hi everyone – I have been MIA (missing in action) for a few days – well, a week, because of our newest member to the household – our new dog, Pepper. 

Demo and Pepper 003

Here’s what happened….about 2 weeks ago, we ‘adopted’ Pepper, a vivacious and adorable Peek-A-Poo, from a neighbor. I was told he was due for his scheduled grooming (because he literally looked like a mop!) and vet visit that following Tues – and that she would be willing to part with him when I was able. I said - “great, we’ll take him after his grooming,then!”  And everyone involved was fine. I was happy because he’d be all trimmed of all that fur, and we could start from scratch plus I’d know his health status – all good.

Then, the phone call on the week-end before the appointment came – his visit had been mistakenly booked, and now rescheduled for the 20th, but the lady was in despair about needing him taken (new baby in the house, etc.)….and so I agreed to take him provided she honoured her part of the agreement and took him for his grooming & booster shots.  Yes, that was fine.  So we went and got him.

Wow – having a long-haired dog that is not familiar with you is a crazy way to try to comb him/her!  He barely let us stroke him the first few days with the brush on his back let alone do a good job!  So, we finally worked up confidence and familiarity with one another over these 2 weeks but by then his face was matted and such a mess!  Oh he was a sight!

He has finally been groomed – and now looks sort of like a chihuahua and has ‘Yoda’ ears!  But the great part is – he is allowing us to play and pat all around him – I can pinch his cheeks, and check his paws….and who knows, maybe he will sit quiet for now till I can learn how to clean his ears!

Its been an exhausting couple of weeks as we try to adjust for smoother operations to accomodate a dog, plus find more storage….and get into the early morning & evening walks, (we had only 1 pee accident) …..plus train him some new things (he slept in their beds before – now he has his own bed). 

But its comparable to anything that requires a learning curve – and we have one of our own now. We’ll evolve – we’ve been bitten by the dog fashion bug ….and we discovered that going to an expensive dog bakery doesn’t translate into he’ll eat the latest and greatest treats (and my daughter actually bought him a dog cupcake!)….but I know we will be all at ease at this time next year. Peek-A-Poos are very friendly and he is a superbly well-behaved dog even without a lot of training ----so life is hectic but we’re very happy!  We love him to bits! 

Here is what is keeping my perspective for dog grooming – if down the road, I think its crazy combing everyday….I’ll look at this and realize we don’t have it so bad!  Isn’t this dog wild!



Have a great week-end everyone!

Beverly xx

don’t know this dog – if you know him, let me know so I can credit your pic!


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