25 December 2009


....and I hope everyone is having a lovely, lovely holiday!  Since we celebrate our big affair on Christmas Eve, today I am in pajamas - which is my personal tradiition ...uhm-mmmm... soft new pj's, and floppin' about without a care in the world!  It's so great!  Now last night, we had a satisfying dinner (tummy aches after and all), and the lovely priviledge to have a 'family member' join us who is turning 76 soon but doesn't look a day over 60!  And as you'd probably suspect -  we even got the dog dressed up - bells and red velvet, fluff ...although he drew the line with the reindeer antlers or fancy barettes (darn!) except he's happy with his new toys, treats, etc., etc.  - and perhaps a little miffed that for once, he wasn't the ab-so-LUTE center of our universe!  Well - suffice to say, we're doing everything we can to have a very nice holiday ourselves.

And like many of you, we were rushed right up to yesterday - right down to the last min. Why is it always like that, lol! Ah well.:) 
One good reason for us was that on Monday, we shared our time and supplies with the families staying at Ronald McDonald House - and we created these really great Scrapbook-In-A-Box projects.  Due to security or unless I receive a family's permission, we can't share many of the photos I have. But here is a small photo and I've concealed the identiies of a special girl and her Mom - the lil crown and star indicate they're there! I put a silly hat on me to be equally unidentifiable - well, somewhat, lol! It's not my best look :) Anyways, anyone who made a box for the first time - was super-duper at it, terrific looking boxes! I caught one of the fathers looking at every move I was making - cutting, folding - and so I asked him if he was interested in trying - and he sure was!  He jumped in and was quite eagerly making his box!  And of course, it looked great! He loved all the little doo-dads and dedicated tools - maybe I ought to set up a table at Canadian Tire cuz that makes 2 men in a month that I've see going at this like crazy'!  Girls - make a note - get your hubby or fav guy in on this with you!  :)

Anyways, want to have your own party? Just throw some select stamps in a bucket and along with the rest of the supplies - its a great group activity!

Because of the range of ages at the RMH - this project was perfect because each family can work on one "all together", or a young person can work on one all of their own!  It doesn't matter what age is involved, because the very youngest can do what they do best -scribble  away! And using a pen or marker onto cardstock - which then can be added to the whole design - also they can help glue, put on snowflakes....its not hard. Actually, it can get a little 'sticky' when you want them to stop, ahem!  

Here's another version - the one I made at our Demonstrators Holiday Party  - and below it you'll see it open when you pop off the lid It falls open - and the center section can have even more surprises if you make a small folded tag!  A loving message for grandma? A perfect suggestion also came from one of the staff - its a box to hold a cupcake! 

You can go with any theme - put pictures, verses, stories - anything inside or on one or all of the 4 outer sides!  Use your imagination, but they are sooooo much fun to decorate!  My daughter is simply taken by them, and if she thinks they're cool - then that's great by me!


Before I go, I will show you what I have adorning our hall wall  [can we say that fast 10 times?].... I used Stampin' Up!'s Decor Elements on my wall!  They're temporary - and you can have some fun like I did!  By simply following the directions [and I suggest you do!] its a straightforward task. Here you can see the brown "FLOURISH FRAME" shape has both dots and a line border - so its momentarily a bit longer and with caution, but it works out fine in the end!

In addition,  I ordered 2 female classic stick figures and 1 dog figurine  from the "All IN THE FAMILY " section (pg 27 of our DEFINITELY DECORATIVE CATALOG  and placed them over the brown frame - and when I am finished with the holidays, off will come the lil hats!

In place of the stick figures - add words like 'Family' or 'ABC' ....well, you get the idea!

Well, I must go and take the lil guy out for his walk! 
So, once again,....
Merry Christmas and a safe holiday to you all!
Beverly and family.

Keep on crafting!


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