29 December 2009

News and Cues

Hello everyone!  Hope we are all finding a day here and there to rest - we are down sick with something, ugh! But we held off pretty good all year - "knock on wood"....so its good we can rest up now and for me in a day or two that means 're-grouping and re-organizing' that messy place that used to be my shiny craft studio!

But I also love cleaning up for the New Year - there is just something pleasant about the task!  I like to get some new fancy cleaning tool or supply item - then unleash the "Mrs Clean" in me!  This year, I bought a new vacuum, and went for a Dyson. I have to admit, I love the attachments!

Now - re-vamping my craft business is also on the agenda!  Here is some new developments ...I will be putting into action for the new year....starting with class scheduling. My intent here is for everyone to know when to expect classes each month and will know if they are free to attend (let's hope so! wink ), so....


1. Classes will be held twice each month: the 2nd Sunday of the month, 1 pm  {usually falls between the 8th-14th} and the 3rd Thursday of the month, 6:30 pm {usually falls between the 15th-21rst}.

*Please Note - Home or Office/Special Event Parties -  can be booked on any other date than the two above days.

2. Monthly Round-Up Stampin' Up! Order - I will place an order on the 30th of each month - anyone who may want to add to this order, just contact me with your details.

Orders still placed at any other time of the month, or after a class to achieve a free class, but this is just one more option. Sometimes we think of  last minute items we need or to take advantage of a new promotion. If you need to provide me with payment details, please contact me by the 29th or morning of the 30th, thank you.

3. New Blog Posts - expect to see a new blog post on the Tuesday of each week. I may post more often but you can always see new blogging on every Tuesday! Comments welcome! Ideas welcome - everyone is welcome, come to think of it!

4. Newsletter - this is a harder event to gauge, but I will experiment with a newsletter for every other month for now. I will be able to bring you news that is timely concerning Stampin' Up! and a craft project for free! Besides we seem to have a holiday every other month - or an  important event concerning our lives touches us whether its someone's engagement or birthday!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions - I'd love to hear ideas you'd like me to touch upon! :)

5. Contests/ Blog Candy - I would like to introduce my Comment & Blog Goodie Basket! You're all able to have a chance to win a Goodie Basket from moi! I shall have one ready for each Trimester - that will be in April, August and December!

For each trimester's Goodie Basket -  you will qualify 1 entry into the jar for: a)  each comment (on a different topic) on my blog,  b) for a suggestion for my blog or newsletter;

AND 2 entries for: c) anyone placing an order,  d) anyone attending a class, e) sending me a card using Stampin' Up! materials;

AND 3 entries for: f) for providing a new guest at a class/workshop ! 

So stay tuned! Try often - best way to have as many chances at winning!

A few guidelines - PLEASE READ:
1.No one person can win 2 Goodie Baskets in a row.
2. In the event that no one qualifies for the current Goodie Basket, the contents will be returned to my supply cupboard and incorporated into future Goodie Baskets, or Volunteer causes.
3. For North American winners; * however for International winners  I reserve the right to substitute either  a smaller size basket or a different content to lighten the weight & take into consideration the higher postal charges.
Thank you for your understanding.

6. My new Telephone Contact Information - please contact the following telephone number to reach me at 416-806-6098.  It has come to pass that my land line was redundant, as almost 98 percent of my contacts are by email, and so I passed the decision to remove our land telephone and convert strictly to a cellular telephone. Your best option is to contact me by email at the following: bstampingbeehive@gmail.com as per usual, and telephone me as you need to as well at the above number. Thank You!

[ps - this may not be for everyone, but I must say, our household has become peaceful once again - as too many annoying calls came through every day - not for anyone at our home but mostly pesky companies sales pitches or worse, mistaken 'fax' machines tying up our line!!! But now we are back to blissful Sunday mornings!]

Well - there you have it!  All my latest developments in order to facilitate better service for you the customer, and/or follower - and kindred spirits!  Any questions, or if you'd like to come to a class - contact me!

Thank you - talk to you soon!
Beverly :) ......and one more smile, :)


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