15 June 2010

Baby Notecard Set - Soft and Easy!

Hi - looking for a Baby Shower Gift?

I designed a notecard set which uses really simple shapes and soft colours which could be used as a gift for an expectant Mom - or even for yourself if you'd like to have a sweet collection of ready-made cards.  I chose soft colours when I was first experimenting, and liked the results, but you could substitute many colour combinations!   

Recycle some scraps. Create a fun grid of polka dots by using the small 1/2 inch circle punch......and our RETIRING Trio Flower Punch (can't believe it!) to add interest.  
A butterfly - highlights the polka dot as well.

The box is 9 inch x 5-1/2 inch  with a 1/2 inch base scored in the middle. Two strips of paper, scored to make 3 sections, each 1/2 inch wide, are attached along the sides. 

The front panel has a half -circle cut away to create a pocket to tuck a tag into.

Embossing the cardstock with polka dots and a simple design means the cards can be used for many purposes - thank you, birth announcement, 1rst birthday......etc. Flexibility! 

To help the appearance, I staggered the height of the cards - this way,
 all the colours show when stored in the box. 

Close-up of box and cut-out front section with tag. 

Time to make: 1 hour or less. 
Level of Difficulty: Easy

Hope you try this - email me for instructions if you like! 


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