1 June 2010

My Stampin' Up! Scallop Circle Punch Flower Imitates Art!

Good Morning!

I am back playing with Punch Flowers!  I was at a craft auction on Saturday - I had $113 dollars to bid with - which sounds like a lot until you discover the woman next to you has $800, lol, but it was "free money" I earned and so I wasn't spending real money and it was just for fun. But - I bid on some stuff and won a few nifty things, so I was a happy camper. I picked up this paper - and at first it was because I liked the kraft paper part - and the flowers were nice too.

This is from ScenicRoute's Sonoma Collection - the Kraft Pink Garland
however, for some reason, mine is the same design but with the Red Bouquet colours. Their collection is very nice. But like I said, I was mainly wanting this just for the 'kraft' section and planned to cut off the flower border.

It wasn't until I got home and googled the paper that I saw women had done amazing things with this paper!  So I perked up!

After musing for awhile, I knew I'd need some "depth" to this paper as a SCRAPBOOK PAGE PROJECT. So I turned my thoughts to PUNCH FLOWERS.

But I really did not know how well this was going to turn out until I made my first flower!

Looking at the detail of the print flower on the paper, I think the designer had the ruffled scallop circle flower in mind - certainly seems that way once you punch out a scallop circle, cut it and make a few creases!

So I'm on 'motor drive' now!  And I off to make my flowers!!!!

1)  I grabbed my a scrap of left-over (but returning) RED RIDING HOOD CARDSTOCK and punched out some SCALLOP CIRCLES.  I cut the scallop circles with scissors and using my bone folder, made folds and creased each one for every section. I didn't even care if the fold was centered or not - this is very casual!  I used some co-ordinating ink to darken the edges - distress them if you wish.

2) Now I grab some SO SAFFRON CARDSTOCK and my BIG SHOT and the 'SPARKLE' Sizzlit Die.  Made my 'sandwich' using the Cutting Mats and the Multipurpose Platform set on Tab 2 ....and ran it through with 2 layers of cardstock. I am making at least 2 flowers, so that saves time. 
***The Sparkle die is a busy design with lots of edges - so I don't try to make a bunch in one go, I rather 'repeat' the process. Other plainer cuts are easier to stack a bunch of cardstock to run through the Big Shot in one pass. 

3) Now I grab some BRAVO BURGANDY CARDSTOCK and one of the four Sizzlit dies in the BIRDS and BLOOMS 4 Pack Die Sets. Its the SCALLOP BUTTON - which has 2 sizes - and I want 'both', so this is great!  I make a pair for each flower. 
Once I make them, I ALTER each one by creating a SLOPPY CIRCLE - just using my scissors, and cutting the edge off all around each one in just a haphard way - no real thought involved!  Like that, heh heh! .....and they end up looking like 'raisins' - one large and one small!

4) Last part - I repeat the 'small' Scallop Button in So Saffron - and inked its edges with some CRUSHED CURRY INK - and made one for each flower. 

Here is how my flower parts [ steps #2, 3 and 4] look like - the darker burgandy  'raisin' shapes are shown beneath the Scallop Button that I made them from, and so:  

1 Large Scallop Circle (red) + 1 Sparkle die cut (yellow) + 1 larger Scallop Button (burgandy) + I small Scallop Button (yellow) + 1 small Scallop Button (burgandy)


Can YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE?   Isn't it so similar to the flowers printed on the paper - or what! I thought this worked out so cooool!  Really did!   

Here is a larger view and where I altered the photo:


Now, I've started my Scrapbook Page and it remains to be seen how it will turn out - so stay tuned!


Here I am adding 3D LEAVES  I've created to my scrapbook page - and here's the process......CLICK to see a closer look

1. DRAW a leaf outline   2. Cut it out.  3. Apply Watercolour veins to leaf.  4. Aqua Painter brushstrokes to soften the watercolour veins, pulling some of the colour to the edges. 
These are made in the image of my project's paper, but you could do this in any colour or leaf shape.  

Alright - I have punched more flowers out using the BIRDS and BLOOMS 4 PC Sizzlits Pack - and made a BUTTERFLY using our BIGZ Die 'BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES' .....and what else, oh yes, my TOP NOTE BIGZ Die which I will use to make my title on (later)......and here is how I've laid things out so far...

Getting busy - I know!  But I think this will be for a picture of myself and my dog in a nice garden somewhere, so I can afford to 'fluff' it up! :)
Besides - I may make more changes, ha ha! What you see is not all glued down yet, aha! 

To emphasize where I shall place a 5x7 photo, I  made a central background layer with some Kiwi Kiss paper and our SCALLOP BORDER TRIM PUNCH - it has a pattern, but its small compared to the larger pattern of the flowers - so it will work. 
I've also followed the principles of proportions by making some things large, small and in-between. 

I needed to have some highlights on the page - so I made my Birds and Bloom's flowers out of white cardstock - then toned them down a little with some pink and brown ink on the edges. Then I topped them with buttons. 

Anyways - that's it.  Won't be done till I find that perfect shot of my dog and I....thank goodness for digital cameras these days, can you imagine when we had to take photo after photo and wait till our photos got developed - and even then, cross our fingers that at least 'one' of them came out nice?

Oh, how we have changed! 


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Oh FUN love how you did these!!

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