16 September 2010

Open House Pictures

Hey everyone - I am back from my holidays - back to this weather and all [considering I left sun and 90 degree temps behind!]...but it is a relief to be back home after all!!  I was going to jump into some vacation related projects [which I still need to tons of!!!] ...but I got to thinking I should share some photos from my Open House !

Next time I have an Open House - YOU OUTTA COME ON DOWN!  Why should you?  Well for one thing you will get to see a lot of projects I have gathered into one spot to proudly show you - and you can take those ideas home with you and hopefully you will get your creative juices going and do something proud yourself!

Plus its your chance to see some of our great product line up close and personal - and even try some out!
AND...if you need one of our fab catalogues or would like some second-hand merchandise, well, there's that too!

Also some grown-ups and children tried out the free project I had - because I didn't have a lot of children, they used up more than one lollipop, lol, but it was all good - better them than me, ha ha!

SO I WANT TO SEE YOU NEXT TIME - KAPEESH?  Oh my that's a word I haven't used in a loooong time, lol!

OK here in no particular order is some photos - not all - but a sample of what you can see at a STAMPIN' UP! OPEN HOUSE......ta da!

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