27 June 2011

Couldn't Help It!

How darn stinkin' cute is this!  I have no idea whose dog this is, but honestly!!!  Hope you love this too :)

CARD QUOTES....." What Lies Before Us...."

I really enjoy this thoughtful phrase and you can see how I've used it in a special project in the post previous to this one!
{no rubberstamp here but you could do this in digital form using our STAMPIN' UP!'S MY DIGITAL STUDIO! Bingo! }

When I first came across the quote; the source contributed it to Ralph W. Emerson but apparently it has an air of controversy swirled around it as to the rightful author.  According to an article on Quote Investigator Here - there are any number of men as the proper speaker. And one of them could be a disgraced Wall Street stock trader.

Still, it is a lovely saying. Regardless of the fact that it is an old saying, it still rings true!

See how you could use it in a project of your own!



Farewell Card and Mini Photo Journal for Glen Ayre's Minister

Here is a small set I made recently to give as a parting memento to our church's Visiting Minister Darren Leopold.  At Glen Ayre United Church, our church's Minister has been temporarily occupied by Darren Leopold and although it hasn't been very long, Darren has been a welcome addition and a lovely person. We have enjoyed his ministry and I was sad that I had to miss his farewell gathering today because of the darn flu I've been 'lucky' to receive!  I know the church members were looking forward to today so they could be there and be counted among those wishing to give Darren a fond farewell.  Or perhaps not farewell, as hopefully we'll see Darren again soon.


Planning for today, I made this card last week and we passed it around the pews during sermon time and just about everyone signed the card. I really should of made it larger - but it's amazing how many signatures can be squeezed in there when you have to, lol!  And hopefully a few more missing signatures were added today.
Of course, I thought I would be there today, but at least my friend, Louella came by and I trusted everything with her.

Since I had a week extra, I made the Mini Photo Journal.  I was aiming to make this masculine yet evoking summer!  I chose to incorporate some nautical colours and stripes and some really nice stainless steel accents!  To do this, the colour palate was Stampin' Up!'s: Pacific Point, Night of Navy, Marina Mist, Real Red and Whisper White.

I made the stripes using 4 'ribbon' clear rubberstamps.
First I arranged a pair on my largest clear block.
Then I stamped them in Real Red Ink and proceeded to stamp down the length of  a strip of Whisper White cardstock.
Next I arranged a second pair of ribbon stamps - slight variations - and inked those in Marina Mist Ink and repeated the process by stamping in the blank areas left between the red stripes.
Voila - a full set of nautical-inspired stripes!
 [TIP: you could do this with a ruler and markers - we carry them in all the colours as Stampin' Up! is very co-ordinated focused!]

I thought our newest Designer Series Paper Beyond the Garden made a fine counterpoint to the red/blue solids and stripes.  But I really enjoyed bringing out the nice, shiny JUMBO CIRCLE BRADS - both the  XL circle brads and the STAR BRADS which hold the Mini-Photo Journal together.  They really zing I thought and embraced the nautical feel once more!

Inside I made a few pages which can be used for various reasons. Inside the Front Cover, I placed some hand-made photo corners - just waiting for a perfect photo!

Then I made a Pocket-Page in the Pacific Point blue cardstock.  
Here are the rest of the pages, a bit of Kraft cardstock was added to give a more down-to-earth feeling, and stamped with some travel icons but the 'journey' can be a life journey as well!  We all take journeys - both real and spiritual! 

If you plan on a similar project, may I suggest that you include some hand-made Photo Corners and a spare label or two?  This would help them to retain the same feel to the journal - but I am sure it will look spectacular no matter how they - and in this case, how Darren will fill in his journal! 

If you read this Darren, I hope your journey crosses path with ours again - thanks for everything! 

-Take a small strip of cardstock of a desired width:
 a) bend one end back toward the center; and at the centerpoint,
 b) twist it's top edge straight down, 90 degrees
-Press the diagonal crease. 
-Repeat on the other end, folding 90 degrees downwards alongside the first end. {to create a sharp point, the two edges of each flap should meet in the center - but you can also leave a small gap}

You need a small strip of paper for each photo corner, and you will glue the finished photo corner's back flaps into place onto your project - but do not glue to your photo's!


A note on supplies:   our Star Brads are on sale, see our Clearance section [Stampin' Up! online only]
This Designer Series Paper will be in our NEW Catalogue July 1rst - carried over from our Summer Mini!   "Beyond the Garden " - I really love the whole collection - the freestyle of the print, the colours and all the goodies you can match up with this! 

There is even matching EMBOSSING POWDER!!!  Hello! 

Would you like some sturdy, archival quality cardstock?  Stampin' Up! carries a tremendous amount of cardstock - I'd love to sleep in the racks, and racks of all that paper in their warehouse - love the smell of paper, lol!  And the colours!!! 


If you'd like to start this fabulous hobby - or require more supplies, AND would love to receive our  N E W    C A T A L O G U E  this J U L Y   1rst, I will be pleased to help you!  Ask me any question - big or small - contact me by email, and happy stamping!  

Crafter-noons Everyone! 


24 June 2011


Crafternoons crafters!

YES - our brand spanking new IDEA BOOK & CATALOGUE 2011-2012 will be available to you on July 1rst.....and YOU WILL LOVE IT!

I SURE DO!   Actually, its one of the best I've seen - it has so many new stamp styles that I personally love so I am having such a time deciding on the choices I need to make - still!   

SO I invite you to join in on the brand new season of stampin' "coming" up!



18 June 2011


Hi everyone!  

I am so excited to make an important announcement!
From here on, I shall be known as Taylor - in fact, Taylor B!   
AND ....
my blog, and studio shall be known as
  Craft Room Afternoons with Taylor B. 

What is different 
My original blog - Beverly's Stamping Beehive 
contents have been conveniently re-located to here! 

My  name has changed slightly!
 I'm  TAYLOR  B. 
Its not a huge stretch - I like it! 
For my old customers, I hope you will not be too hard pressed to remember - pretty please with sprinkles on it?  I will kindly remind you, lol - it won't take us long before my old name will fade out! 

For my "studio"....

   I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.  
I am a craft/event designer. 
 I am a Arts and Crafts Teacher.  
And ...
I am also a Mom,
 an active member of my community.  

I have a passion I am pursuing and  my Customers/Students and Blogging is forefront in this!

Naming my business ' Beverly's Stamping Beehive ' was a temporary measure, 
...alas - if only "Taylor-Made" was available!
You should be known by that which reflects the nature of your passion - while addressing the practical elements of marketing. 
 For instance, I wanted a  welcoming name which says:   Come and craft - relax! enjoy!  

My Craft Room  is really where you'll find me half of the time and Afternoons  not only "rolls off the tongue" , but it reflects our nature to feel there is sunshine in the day when we can steal some special time with our family, or volunteer time somewhere and share ourselves doing what we love - and so I hope you'll FOLLOW  ME here at 
Craft Room Afternoons [with Taylor B!]

THANK YOU - and hopy you come by often!

13 June 2011

2-Step Owl Punch Stampin' Up! It's the little things!

I have a confession.

I have owned a wall decor item for-ever and ever.  I believe I was somewhere between 16 and 20 when I received this as a gift, a...oh, what do you call gifts from travels?   Its on the tip of my tongue - memento, no...a gift that we give when we go away and we bring everyone close to us a small gift from our vacation - we all have had that happen.

Well, my confession is that I didn't really like it so much. NOT the idea - no, I treasured the thoughtfulness that my Aunt included me in her offering; but I really didn't like the 'design' of the gift so much.  I am not sure why not - its a pretty design, but I think its the frame.   Here it is.


It looks nice on my orange coloured walls of my stamp room - but over the years since I was really young, it just didn't seem to go with anything I owned. And it was really a strong and striking piece - I tried many times to find just the right spot and failed many times as well.  Just one of those things. So I felt guilty and often hung it up in some inconspicuous spot or regretfully left it in a drawer.

Well - no more!

Thankfully, it has found a spot in my stamping room with a slight difference!

Yep - a little pixie of an owl in all pink is there all right!  Now, I love it!
I guess it just needed a touch of cuteness to make it more to my taste!

My aunt Elsie is now turning 98 years old - can you believe that she still lives on her own - with no assisted living besides her neice who kindly helps out with shopping? 
Amazing and she is the last of her siblings, so I knew them all of course, and it never occurred to me to think who would make it to the last of their generation, but Aunt ELsie has, God Bless Her. 
And I am always going to have a little smile when I see this now - more than ever! 

Father's Day Card - #1 Sheriff in Town!

Lasso up a card for this coming FATHER'S DAY!  Conjure up the perfect card for that special 'DUDE' ?
Let em know that as DAD - he's #1 - and this card ought to do that!

I was thinking of how to represent the ol west when I didn't have any cowboy stamps per se, nothing western at all - zip, nada!  Then I thought that the Sheriff's Badge would be easy enough to make if you broke it down to basic parts - basically, its a circle with pointy triangles, nes pa?

So that is what I did!

1) first I cut me a circle with our 1-3/4 inch CIRCLE PUNCH.

2) make them thar pointy parts!

         To Make Triangles for the Sheriff's Star Badge

  •         cut a strip of cardstock twich as wide  than the length of your points, and about 6 inches in length
  •          score a half-way line down the center of the length
    • then draw a series of large X's across the entire width of the cardstock - make the width of each equal to the width of your desired point - the 'points' emerge as you draw,  - you'll see! After, cut out those 'triangles' - make sure you  have enough for the Texas Star shape - 5 tips but it can also have 6 tips!
  •           When done cutting the triangles - score each one down its center length.
3) Map out where the points go on your star - around the circumference of the circle - I practiced, and then glued each triangle to the back of the circle.

4) Optional - but interesting to add # 1 to the newly-formed Sheriff's Badge!   I cut mine from some scrap of foil lining from a chocolate box - shiny is good!

5) Mount your star on a background of cardstock - but let's make it interestin' Dudes and Dudettes!  Choose our Vintage Embossing Folder to give it that stylized Western scroll look - they used to have these fancy-smancy designs on their rifles/guns/badges - buckles!  Even leather was embossed in them thar days!  LAYER this all on to the CARD FRONT.

6) Embellish friends!
 Add a Lasso  fashioned out of twine- and you can even lasso up a touch of 'love' while yer at it!
  I shaped mine and glued it as I went along!  Heart shaped, the word ' Love ' for good measure at the tail end.....take your time, use thick glue which dries fast like our TOMBOW GLUE.   We have some great twine in our SUMMER MINI CATALOQUE - check it out!!!
              CLOSE UP OF ' LOVE ' 
can you make out my word - I didn't do the best ' L ' 
but I am sure you can tell what I am expressing!
See the scores on the points?
I also inked the edges of the embossed Natural White layer - first with Daffodil Delight {yellow}, 
then with Espresso { brown }.

To make the star seem more 'Official' - I added silver brads to each point! 



Thanks for dropping by!



Stampin' Up! Retiring Products Project

I feel sort of bad :(

Because now Stampin' Up! decision makers have put some  of the BIGZ XL DIES for The BIG SHOT on  chopping block !  I can only surmise its due to their lower sales value and to follow that line of logic then, we 'demos' didn't do enough to show the   ' p o t e n t i a l '  of these dies, so we share some of the blame.

So - here I am last minute trying to make up for some of that with this project!  

In my last post, I pointed out the fab talent of the designer behind the pop-up dies manufactured by Sizzix, and so I pulled out the POP-UP BIGZ XL DIE - O CHRISTMAS TREE!  and co-ordinating SIZZLIT DIE ' MERRY DETAILS ' which has several tiny decorations for the tree including a bird!

And I also pulled out the BIGZ XL ' PERFECT SETTING ' - which includes the CUPCAKE HOLDER/WRAPPER!

As for cardstock - I've chosen the retiring HOSTESS LEVEL - PATTERNS PAPER STACK which showcases the new IN COLORS of the retiring 2010-2011 IBC.

OK - I'm all set!!!!

Christmas isn't always Christmas Project
I wanted to specifically show how the CHRISTMAS TREE does not have to be limited to the holiday season of December - tho fabulous as that time is!  NAY - this baby can be used in a V-E-R-Y  whimsical way - so YAY !!

1. Chose the Tree's Cardstock - be daring!
To start I decided to have my cardstock in a  fun FOLKSY fashion by combining:
        a) different patterns from the same colour family,
  and b) by combination of a variety of prints according to their size!  

In our Pattern Packs, we have this all ready for us!  Its just a matter of choosing your colour!  The result will sort of look like a quilt project!

2. Decorate the Tree
For the smaller decorations for the tree I'm using the Sizzlit die for the bird, but I also chose to use another retired SU! punch for a small flower.
I put some willingness to throw caution to the wind and choose cardstock that by mere repetition would work on the tree - BUT - you help matters when you are a bit choosy about placement - try to strike a balance because if you rotate the tree you can see all the different angles involved.  I think I did a zig-zag placement of the first couple of flower colours - then I used the " Hearts " to ' FILL IN THE GAPS ' and help the balance overall.   It sounds more complicated than it is - besides I suspect that you can't do much to go wrong, it sort of has a way of working out its own problems if you know what I mean!   HAPPY comes in many forms - and by decorating the tree with whimsical flowers, a pair of love birds - why all that is missing is a rainbow - and I am working on that!!!

3.  Stand your Tree
This is a pop-up die, right?  RIght!  But I decided to let it sit on its own stand made of the CUPCAKE HOLDER!   Its so easy too - just cut and paste the cupcake wrapper/holder so that it can be large enough for the tree's base to plop inside the BOTTOM of the cupcake holder - yep, turn it upside down - and its a base - flower pot or circus stand, you decide~  you can decorate the cardstock before gluing, and you can use all sorts of 3D embellishments when its done - such as brads, butterflies!  What-ever tickles you!

Close-up of the 5 different 'patterns' cardstock - all in the colour ' PEAR '  and the variety of flowers and hearts I used to decorate it!  

Tree in full, with 1 bird on top center. This tree is meant to collapse, but it has a 'stand' as well.

Now lets put it on a stand made from the 'Perfect Setting' Cupcake Holder/Wrapper which is turned upside down and stamped with a subtle pattern.

Or try it in a garden green matching the tiny hearts scattered through-out!  Add a butterfly embellishment!

See the pair of love-birds - they are from the retiring Sizzlit die, Merry Details. They are so cute - I added tiny red glittery hearts cut with our 2-Step Owl Punch.  You might recall our Red Glitter Cardstock from the Christmas season?  Its been on our available list of carry-over products from the Mini Catalogues. 

Now here is how it looks in real life on your shelf - or your friend's shelf - or grandma's shelf.....cute huh?
Who wouldn't like a special tree at this time of the year?  Maybe a young girl would think fairies come and dance around it at night!!!

....or with Cupcake {Perfect Setting Bigz XL Die} stand!




.....the CHRISTMAS TREE is really a fun project - think of the challenge you can give yourself, it doesn't get boring!  
And, the PERFECT SETTING - CUPCAKE BIGZ DIE is the perfect die to make cupcakes look dressed up, jazzy and co-ordinating with your theme, OR as a little cup to put candy in for birthday parties...plus it also has a matching strip to wrap around candy bars, or other items. You can explore many uses for both these dies not to mention their first intended purposes - CREATE!!!!



10 June 2011

Catch some 'Last Chance' Inspiration from Karen Burniston and Pop-Up SU! Projects

I hope you have seen or heard of Stampin' Up!'s Pop-Up Dies which make wonderful projects - from cute and adorable - to just plain awesome!

And the reason they are - is really due to some awesome-ness from KAREN BURNISTON - the designer behind the POP-UP DIES from Sizzix!

Karen has a wicked mind in my humble opinion - and she has developed project after project that just makes you speechless - can you tell I'm a FAN!!!   Honestly, I am not the only one who thinks so - she has lots of fans!

So here is a link to some of the projects she has designed for the POP-UP CHRISTMAS TREE and CAKE!  Click on her thumbnail pictures to see the project close-up.


Now - a word to the wise - SU! is discontinuing these 2 particular dies - don't know why, but they are ON SALE - really great price too, I believe as I write this - its 40 percent off!  

I would be happy to help you order one or both!  Please email me - bstampingbeehive@gmail.com

Stampin' Up! Supplies:
1) O Christmas Tree  Stampin' Up! Bigz XL Pop-Up Die   Item no  116822
2) Three Tier Cake Pop-Up Bigz XL Die             Item no   116760

Three Tier Cake Pop-Up Bigz Xl - by Stampin' Up!O Christmas Tree Stampin' Up! Bigz Xl Popup Die - by Stampin' Up!

7 June 2011

Stampin' Up!'s Last Chance Products.....leavin', leavin', leaving!

Sadly, we are saying good-bye to some very familiar and well-liked products from our current IDEA BOOK and CATALOGUE 2010-2011...and I encourage you to check out the PDF files to see what is retiring.

One never knows till one is confronted with the possibility that you may not have the ability to purchase something - a little something that was always in the back of your mind, on the back burner, on the long list - however you want to put it...till its time has come, and you panic!   Whaa--!  Time is up, that is going?

So, get on in there and see what is going - knowledge is bliss they say!

Meanwhile....here is a picture I scooped up a long time ago, and it involves punch art using one of the punches that Stampin' Up! is retiring.  So I thought it appropriate to show you - lest it prompts you to want to have it before you have to start scanning ebay in hopes of finding it one day!

SPIRAL BORDER PUNCH is going, and here is the pic showing what a little creativity can be done with this punch.

[pic from songofmyheart stampers]

See - by using the SPIRAL BORDER PUNCH to create the CASTLE'S TOP EDGES!  How cool is that!
The Spiral Border Punch is often used for shabby or vintage looking projects.  

Other punches I see here are: Extra-Large Tag; Window; Circle and possibly an altered Scallop Circle {back layer of Sun}

Stampin' Up! Sneak Peek for NEW CATALOGUE!

Hello girls'n'guys!

Well I went and did it - I put my first order in using my Demo-ship to fast track some of the new pre-releases to my door !!!!!   Yippeee - this IS ALWAYS an exciting time for us!   And as per usual, I have to figure out which of the selected pre-release products I should grab - ALWAYS tough choice!

But, I narrowed it down today to a few things and although I do not have these here - yet - I found another Demo in Texas who has the items I want to share with you!    DONNA ROSS has been playing with.......our new, super-duper...

{ a SU! Exclusive Sizzix Bigz Die}  


2 pennants - 2 sizes
2 doilies - 2 sizes
all on one steel blade die - not too long not too short!

very, very elegant-yet-sweet doily theme stamps

Here is a couple of photos I've borrowed from Donna Ross to showcase how she incorporated the  doilies off the Perfect Pennants L Die .....very pretty in our NEWEST " IN COLORS "!

[pic cased from Stamped Sophisticates by Donna Ross, Sr. SU! Supervisor, Texas]

OK - Donna has used the ' doilies ' {the largest scalloped circles} from the PERFECT PENNANTS L BIGZ DIE and layered over top of them with the DELICATE DOILIES stamp set - both of these products will be available JULY 1rst 2011


COUPLE OF THINGS......STAMPIN' UP! made some changes as you recall during the RENOVATION period, and one change was that starting this upcoming NEW IDEA CATALOGUE - there will be  10   IN COLORS!   Yep - the period for the colours will be 2 years and so last years line-up is still in effect for one more year, and now this year's line-up is added and so we have 10 great IN COLORS to choose from!

Calypso Coral, Island Indigo, Lucky Limeade, 
Pool Party, Wisteria Wonder.

Which is how Donna has last years IN COLORS mixed with the upcoming IN COLORS - such as the purp-ily Wisteria Wonder and Concord Crush combo!  

I like the way Mary Fish of Stampin Pretty has chosen to showcase the latest colours, by including it with similiar colours so  you will see its special benefit it has to offer!
Like look at her demonstration of " Island Indigo " as it compares to some of our other blues...

Therefore I will be awaitin' for my own delivery soon and MY COPY OF THE NEW 2011-2012 IDEA CATALOGUE - Whoooohoooooo - just dyin' I tell ya, just dyin'!



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