20 October 2011


WOW - I am a little ashamed to say that I haven't posted anything yet about this great offer  - so without wasting further time.......let me just say:


THE STAMPIN' UP! STARTER KIT " is a real, honest-to-goodness

So, for a total cost of  $215 [no tax /free shipping ]  gives you the value of $425 in products in the Starter Kit  plus the benefits .....
 - a $130 machine... ($169 incl taxes+shipping) ......
... well, that really is like paying $ 45 dollars for everything!!!!!!
That's astonishing!

To put it into perspective, here is why its so awesome....

  1. 1)the Canadian SU! Starter Kit is already priced well below its 'real' cost!    
  2. 2)  substitute many of the items in the kit for other comparable items in the SU! product line. 
  3. 3) everything is all there - so its a great way to get begin if you are new to this fabulous hobby and/or home business!
  4. 4) automatically includes you for the privileges a SU! Demonstrator receives...i)monthly, glossy, professional magazine loaded with ideas , success stories, helpful advice
  5. 5)  your professional discount on orders!!  
  6. 6) start receiving income on orders
  7. 7) become part of the SU! family - team get-togethers (more fun) and so much more!

And the last time Stampin' Up! offered the Big Shot with the Starter Kit was 3 years ago - so its not everyday this comes along. 
I know many, many people will be taking this offer up....
...and why? 
Because you do not owe any obligation to SU!   The Starter Kit is meant to allow you to start, but "if" you decide it is not for you - you may turn in your Demo Badge at the end of the free trial period - three months - and its all very agreeable!!!!    

I must add that many Hobby Demonstrator who join to receive the benefits and social life associated with SU!, continue because its a lifestyle choice for them and they enjoy it, but many others join and go onto building a successful home business with the flexibility they need because of family commitments, or their primary job - some of us stop and rejoin - there is no one 'particular' fashion or pressure to this - its all up to you, and I hope if you DO decide to take ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER - Please allow me to be your guide, your support leader and friend - so sign up today!  

Contact me: craftroomafternoons@gmail.com

Don't forget - we have till Halloween to be part of this terrific sale! 

7 October 2011

.....my home sweet home!

And moving into my decorating - I went pretty simple, and just added the few decorations we have on hand, plus I added some paper pinwheels I had been making and sprinkled those in amongst the china cabinet and shelving. Sometimes we don't have to do a lot to make an impact!

What is this - a pinwheel?  

Not my best china display - too busy this month but I will have 
much more time for Christmas decorating - yah!

Some cards I did in my INKS meetings! 
I bought a cheap MUM plant, and placed it in my own basket and brought out our little hedgehog!  Plus I switched the framed pictures - away went a beach picture - and in is my ol' Pepper picture with all its embellishment! And that stand will soon hold a pie, yummmm!   [CLICK ON PICS TO SEE A BETTER VIEW!]

This is one of my absolute favourite pieces - a three tiered stand!  I can add absolutely anything - well, almost anything - to this and make a fantastic display with no effort!   And I really bought it to put my collection of wood-mount rubberstamps!  I did do it for awhile until it was clear that it was tedious scrounging around to find 'a' stamp when I needed it, lol!  But it still looked great!!!! 

I always use everyday items in my decorating, such as a picnic basket - and placing a shot of Autumn orange nearby....always works!  Besides I love basket, willow, bark - all that awesome natural material Mother Nature provides us!  

Well I must go - so much to do still!  



....Thanksgiving Week-end and a host of projects!

Here is my finished swaps! {see earlier post}

And an extra card for a special someone who is turning 50!  She loves the sweet-vintage look, and I think my card evokes that for her if I do say so myself!  

And while I was finishing the swap tags, and this card - I was also madly preparing more projects for a display board for this Sat. - tomorrow - and - making a mad dash at decorating our home for Thanksgiving! Whew-wee!  Did I mention our kitchen sink clogged up for two days earlier this week - honestly, where do we fit everything in!?!

So I will make a quick blog post today by throwing everything in - I may have to come back and fill in the details one day or two later as I will be at a crafting event all day tomorrow, and well - you know what this weekend is like, need I say more ladies?  Let the madness begin!

My collection!  There are 10 different techniques on this project!  10! 
I don't do that everyday!!!

See how the effects of our SMOOCH Paint works when you mix it with alcohol and put it in 
a mister?  This angle is meant to show you the spritizing [left card] but when you are looking at 
it directly, its more subtle. 

My special card and my candle belly band! 

A delightful pair!

Here is the candle band from another view - I absolutely love this background
floral stamp!  And when you reduce it to showing only sections - it looks as
intriguing as it does stamped a a whole!  Note the little crimped edges!

Wall Art made with a canvas, and our OWL BUILDER PUNCH! 
I totally had fun making up all different owls - but I did stick to a simple palette 
of colours to miz and match!  Add little flowers and any little girl would love this -
maybe even big girls too!

My stockings!!!!!   Our HOLIDAY STOCKING L DIE for the Big Shot is
sooooo wonderful to play with!!!!   The possibilities are endless!  
I added the 'blades' myself - they are not part of the die parts as you
can see in the picture below.  I also added the lacy doily - I was after a
Vintage Skate look - and the doily was a piece left over from 
last Valentines - way to re-purpose!!! 

.....the wonderful die!

6 October 2011

Preparing Swap Cards for Palooza!

Good Morning!

This is what I have been doing since about 5am - making my " SWAPS " for our upcoming Palooza.  I had not planned on making any swaps - but since the event was rescheduled, I had a little time this morning to make some. Not alot, but I shall return with an equal amount of cardfronts made by others, and that will be awesome!

For those of you who are new to this craft, 'swaps' is like trading baseball cards ....you merely make up samples in the quantity of your choice or pre-determined amounts involving organized swaps, and off you go and swap with the others attending the same event - its fun!  And you come home with a group of fascinating cards, ATCs, tags (what-ever the type) ...that you can tuck away into your collection album, display board - well, you get the idea!  

There are some prolific swappers out there too - and according to the size of the event they are attending, they will get really busy and make 250 or even 500 pieces to swap!  That'sa a'lotta swappin'!  I think they have to pack a separate carry-on for them to board the plane - but they love it and that's what counts :)

Anyways instead of "quantity" - I am going for "quality" and so I have taken to creating mine using alot of steps - my ' fussy cards ' again!
I have altered the size of a tag cut from my Big Shot and using our TWO TAGS Die - I am so pleased with myself on that one {lol}...and then layering on top of that resized tag, is the actual tag in the size its meant to be - BUT - I have cut a circle in it, and backed that with a square of cardstock that has been stamped with a floral pattern. AND, not stopping there - I used a technique called SMUDGE TECHNIQUE which is where you stamp the design in a dark colour, then re-stamp over top of it in a white ink, then "smudge" it with your finger so that the white ink creates a soft effect with the ink creating a halo around the edges!  Looks great!

But that is just the beginning - because I have gone on ...adding more techniques, in a spontaneous fashion only stopping to make several pieces at once. I like to break it up that way or it gets monotonousness for me and hurts my eyes as well.  I even go away and do something entirely different, then come back and pick up where I left off.

So I am not done and when I am, I will be sure to post the results. But meanwhile - have a great day, it looks to be another great day outside, and I still have grocery shopping to do!

This one is 'special ' ... I goofed it up, so rather than toss it, I have added more to camouflage my mistake!  

what do they say....' a stitch in time, saves nine! '.....well, I am ' stitching nine to save time ' !!! 

And check out my old - really old sewing machine....I just 
sewed a skirt with this, still works! 
Its from 1980.

And at one time, when my daughter was in her "sticker" phase, I discovered she had covered almost every inch of this machine with stickers! Eventually, I scraped them all off and de-gooed the sticky residue off (what a pain that was!).....but I left one or two stickers to remind me of my little sticker urchin, back then! 
Ahh memories! 

The last sticker! 


5 October 2011


Hey everyone!

It's time!  Time to get our Holiday crafting groove on!  And I have put the perfect  workshop together to help you have fun - first and foremost.....AND set your holiday projects off with a bang!

NEW this year - I am including a rubberstamp set from Stampin' Up! in the price!  The stamp set will be a holiday one - and is new, along with the wonderful opportunity of discovering fantastic projects that you'll be able to do with your stamp set!

Pre-registration is required due to the fact that time is needed to order your stamp set - here are the dates:


LAST DAY TO REGISTER for Workshop: Oct 28 for Nov 11th!

WORKSHOP DATES            

November 11 Fri. 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM   

Cost:   $40 includes stamp set and instructions.

All events include refreshments and a demonstration of a new technique/product. There will be a chance to win a Door Prize - and more goodies!
I will have a Display Board so you can see more projects to keep you inspired all winter!

Come and join in the fun - relax and create with others like yourself and come away with projects you will be proud to give to treasured family members and friends!

PAYMENTS can be made in the following:
a) EVENTBRITE - direct and secure online payment   HERE.
b) directly to me - cash, or cheque. Please email me.

CANCELLATION - there is no refund for the pre-registered events but a KIT will be available which includes your supplies and instructions. Pick-up or local delivery. Arrangements can be made to mail your kit for an added expense.  

1 October 2011

World Card Making Day 2011

Well hellooooo!   A large craft event  I had planned on attending today was cancelled last minute - and its too bad for all different reasons, as I could of had a World Card Making Class after all - better luck next year! So I put my new found time to making a more elaborate card  for today!!!

Here is my card featuring a bunch of techniques!

I went over to my Big Shot with some Whisper White cardstock, and using our Scallop Circle Bigz Die - I made the large circle and then embossed it with a snowflake Textured Embossing Folder. Next, I cut out the house - free style - with my craft knife!  To back the house, using our regular Wheel Handle I rolled some musical notes onto kraft paper using Early Espresso Ink... and  used the left-over scraps for the crimped corners! Next I punched out in glittery red and white, a couple of  hearts using 2 separate Heart punches. 
Naturally I distressed the edges of the scalloped circle - first with a smidge of blue ink, followed by the brown ink. Now - to pull it together!

I decided a band behind the scallop circle would 'ground' it better onto the card face!  So I made a bit of a complicated border band!  First I cut a wide band of Whisper White cardstock - about 3 x 8-1/2 inches and  using a border punch, punched out both sides of the banner - THEN - and this is where I had to make life a little difficult - I used our Scoring Tool and created a diagonal 'trellis' by scoring the paper and then "cutting " out the spaces inbetween - not all - but a fair amount of them! Whew!  But I am not done!
To give the card a boost of colour to balance all the red, white and natural kraft tones - I threw in a band of Marina Mist which I scored, and folded accordian style. That was pretty easy, and I glued it onto the red cardstock base making sure it stood nice and stiff because I want  it to support the scallop circle centerpiece  - creating some interesting depth!  Now that is a fair amount of techniques, wouldn't you say? 

So there you have it - a nicely done card for the holidays!  I did a card similar to this awhile ago - and so I just re-visited the theme with tiny adjustments.  That is always nice when you do not have to dream up a whole new idea - just re-work an oldie but a goodie!!!!   


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