27 March 2010

Lovely ORNAMENT PUNCH 'ROSE' in a TEACUP - Advanced Technique

Look at this great idea. Our ORNAMENT PUNCH has been featured by many talented crafters as a means to make a ROSE FLOWER!
How neat is that!

Sooooo...I have been on a creative roll lately, plus I wanted to make something special for a friend of mine, Caroline. And I wanted to have a good challenge.

Now there are several ways to use this punch as a flower - many of which are a lot simplier than what I have done.  But if you've been a crafter for awhile, you should challenge yourself especially if you give classes - you can't expect it from others if you don't do it yourself!

It took me awhile - the petals were the most challenging. I was working 'blind' - no template, no instructions...and so each petal was a small engineering job in itself. Do I roll the petal this way or fold it that way? Should I tilt it this time or lay it straight...and so on.  To make matters interesting - I chose to make another at the same time, using crushed paper {I took a paper and squashed it over and over, then inked the creases with a sponge to distress it ....continue till the paper is 'pliable'}.  It was easy because while one flower was waiting for some glue to dry, I worked on the other one.

Before the night was done, I was finished both. However, for my gift flower, I moved on to the next part, placing it in such a way as to make a nice presentation. And in the end, the teacup flower was born!

Well - its done, and I believe she really liked it!

 I am totally going to make more of them. :)

Stampin' Up! Supplies:
Punch - Ornament (NEW from Christmas Mini Catalogue), Trio Flower (mini pink flower)
Equipment - The Big Shot
Dies - Scalloped Heart of Hearts Embosslit Die (NEW from Occasions Mini Catalogue),
Bigz Beautiful Butterflies Die, Scallop Circle Die (green collar), Bird with Leaves and Flower (stem),  

Cardstock - Bridal Specialty Paper {white}, various Good Neighbour Patterns, Melon Mambo, Whisper White, Pretty in Pink (for flower in background)
Stamp - Well Scripted (Occasions Mini catalogue) 
Ink - Melon Mambo
Other - tiny gems, ceramic teacup votive candle holder.


25 March 2010

Easter "Scallop Circle" Chick Card

Isn't this the cutest!  The second I laid eyes on the card which inspired me - I was OMG !  So I had to do one!

IT'S A  EASY - QUICK 5 MIN. PROJECT!  GREAT KIDS PROJECT!  We made ours  after having breakfast  and  in no time flat!

You can see from the pictures that you must fold your cardstock at the 5-1/2 mark, and CUT the Scallop Circle LEAVING A SMALL PART OF THE FOLD OVERHANGING THE CIRCLE OUTLINE - that is how you make a card - and not 2 Scallop Circles.
A small scallop punch is cut into wedges - those make up the wings.
Punch your other parts, fold the square on the diagonal for its beak, then glue everything on.
We highlighted the eyes and beak - voila!

Basic Supplies:
 CARDSTOCK: 11x8 in. yellow, 1 in square orange scrap, black scrap; BIG SHOT XL BIGZ DIE: Scallop Circle; HAND PUNCHES:  flower, scallop circle (any size), small circle punch; Other:  1" square orange cardstock, white gel pen, glue.

Stampin' Up! Bridal Paper as Easter Card - Lovely!

Hi everyone!

Sorry - I have no creativity when making up my titles for my posts! I'd better stick to my day job as a crafter, lol!

But that does not diminish this beautiful card made by my upline, Caroline - who is seriously talented.

Look what she did with our bridal paper!  I've known about this technique and have tried it using sponges, but now I own a brayer, so I am going to dig out my own bridal paper (white) which has its glossy design raised (or embossed) on the surface.  This way when you ink the paper up [shown here in CAMEO CORAL, ROSE RED, SO SAFFRON Stampin' Up! inks]...the raised white design will peek through after you wipe away the extra ink!  Cool huh!

That's one of the pretty tags from our SIZZIX TWO TAGS DIE (catalog item # 115954) and the close up shows more fun ideas to help you jazz up your projects...have a good look here....

....she has taken a SCALLOP CIRCLE PUNCH and sniped it to create flower petals, then used some of the sticky goo which adds a thick clear coat, CRYSTAL EFFECTS over a white brad, then sprinkled it with our go to glitter, DAZZLING DIAMONDS!

Give it a try ladies - email me your card designs - I'd love to feature them! 

If your craving fun - why not COME TO CLASS and we'll make cards, scrapbook and many other projects! Email me for class details or placing orders - I'll be glad to assist you!

24 March 2010


Hello fellow crafters......hope everyone is crafting on something this week!
Here is my furball as he was last week-end on our Easter Spring class - I'm sure he has no ideas in his lil' head as to what we were up to, lol!  Probably just hoping we'd have treats!

We DID have treats - and I owe a "Thank You!" to my daughter for taking time to decorate my mini-cupcakes so nicely - see aren't they cute?  She likes the decorating aspect - not so much the baking, ha ha...well, we all have our specialties, don't we! 

Here are some of the results of the SUNDAY CLASS! Pretty nice! Everyone did such nice work! 

In total, each member did 2 sets of a card & matching pillow favour box as I describe in my CLASS DETAILS in an earlier blog (dates are shown to the right side)...and one set is completely different in 'feeling' - and EVERYONE'S LOOKED FABULOUS! 

BIG WELCOME to new crafters KIM and JULIA!

I will add more details to my LINK to my demonstrator blogging later on - check it out! 

Meantime, I hope to see more of you in class - come on out and play! 

Cheers, Beverly

20 March 2010

Altered Objects I - Children's Book

Hello fellow crafters!   Today I wanted to share a project I am currently working on. And its a recyclable one! Double points, lol :)

 One day I found a thick, stubby children's book at a second-hand sale - and it occurred to me to alter it. It had a different shape to it along with a few pages that slide open to reveal hidden sections - perfect!

 It's been in the 'making' for quite awhile. Basically I am doing work on it in stages. There was the 'preparation' stage which included giving the 'glossy' pages a slight sanding (regular household sandpaper) in order for me to adhere paper to it. This also meant sliding the hidden sections open & prepping those as well.

While the majority of the book has been covered in paper, one half of a page was covered with white paper and that in turn was painted. Regular metallic craft paint - looks great.

So this is what I am sharing with you today, Stage 2 - the book has been completely re-covered.  My plans for Stage 3 - is for it to be absolutely covered in bling and ribbons galore! LOL - its probably gonna cost me but hey, what is the point of a hobby if you do not indulge once in awhile! :)

However for Stage 3, I am  creating my own "embellishments" to some extent.  I have started by using my Butterfly die and altering those - and they resemble the expensive "Grand Adhesion Embellishments" made by K & Co. - if I do say so myself!   It's very creative!  You can just dream up and play with ideas till you find ones you really like!!

Here it is in pictures .... beginning the sanding...

Here pages are being covered...I purposefully using papers that do not match in pattern but are in blue-green colours...

Here I've added an origami heart my daughter gave me long ago and a tiny flower stem given to me by another lady years ago. Opening the sliding section gives me some journaling areas! I de-constructed the page, learned how it was working, covered the sections and put it back together using a brad for more stability.

Pages are thick so I am colouring the edges with markers.

This is the painted paper - its actually a metallic green, looks golden. The page beside them has nice embossed glossy pattern - so I added a small strip of sugar cardstock (pale blue) over the painted section - to tie the two pages together.

Here I am beginning the 'bling'!!!!  See the butterfly - its one I've made.

I started to cut out another butterfly shape to create a stained glass effect......lots of work with the hobby knife!

Then made its opposite by using the cut-out pieces! I hand cut out "body" shapes, doubled them and folded the top layer upwards for dimension. It's totally fun to just play this way! Nothing is the 'right' way - it's what-ever strikes your imagination at the time....then add more bling!  Bling makes everything look great.
My supporting layer behind the stained glass butterfly is a butterfly made from white paper that I coloured with ink using a brayer to blend the 3 colours.


Here is the close-up which shows the body section, as I mentioned, its double-layered, folded outward and 2 pearls for antennas!

And another ....told you, its fun!  I even tried cutting a butterfly from a large faux leaf, and from jean fabric - but those are for another day.....

Now here they are on a page that I inked up in two colours, and then began to stamp butterflies in no particular order, then......

......I added words randomly, in a white craft ink! This page will hold more photo's with mats in white most likely, so it will really look nice ....and some bling of course!

So here it is - Stage One completed.  I have purchased a wee bit of bling to start as you saw - but that is nothing to what this will eventually have. Ribbons too!  Transparencies to layer over photos....the sky is the limit!  

I'll show the finished project one day!

Its a great project that:  a) takes time which is good for having an ongoing, larger project; and b)is great for using up paper - or buying paper in a pack or kit or one sheet at a time - which in itself is fun!; and c) its a recyclable method of using those books you might otherwise tossed - or you can ask your neighbor or friend for their old books!; d) its a wonderful creative exercise!  And finally - you will have a unique album that no one else will see in stores, one you can be proud of after your work is completed - when 'you' feel its completed, and I hope I've inspired one of you to give it a try!   

19 March 2010

Embossed Medallion

Well it has been a while since I 'embossed' and then inked the background, and I must say I enjoyed doing it once again!  It was particularly exhilarating because of the sheer size of the stamp!  I got the inspiration for this card on another stamper's site who I must credit (please see below)...but I think I added a little bit of my own style by creating my own ribbon look. 

To do this, I layered two ribbons together, then stitched a row of beads over top.  It was a bit pain-stakingly slow but I sort of like doing little crafty things like this watching tv! 

Hope you like it :)

Stampin' Up! Supplies: Medallion Stamp, Brocade and Bashful Blue Inks, Whisper White Cardstock, Sponge, Clear Embossing Powder, Ribbon, Beads, Gem Brads, Scallop Border Punch.  

16 March 2010

St. Patrick's Day

May your blessings outnumber 
the shamrocks you grow
And may trouble avoid you
wherever you go.

I confess I do not own a lot of shamrock, pot of gold, beer stein or dancing elf stamps. None of the typical Irish symbols we've come to know...but last year we made a cute card by using a HEART punch to resemble a shamrock. And being a bit lazy this year, I brought out the same card.

So this is what I did as well. I decorated one of my candles - and while I did use a heart punch, this time it was a much smaller one, and it was still as effective!

I like to create little vignettes around my home using my latest creations.

Now here is how you create a shamrock......punch out 3 or 4 hearts, and one circle (for the stem - or just cut a strip of paper with scissors)

There you go!  It's a start to embellish your projects!  Have a go!                                                                         

And my last Irish saying of the day......enjoy!
{I tried to say it in my best Irish impersonation but we just had a good laugh from my ridiculous attempt, lol}

" May you be in Heaven
a half hour before
the Devil knows your dead!"

15 March 2010

Preparing for Spring - Create an Easter Wreath using Stampin Up! Flowers.

Hello to all you out there!

How great it is to have beautiful weather again!   Thursday my umbrella was wrecked by a strong gust of wind, and so on our walk to church Sunday, there was me with no umbrella,  steady rain = me being a bit wet! But today - it was glorious outside! Crazy!

Saturday we also had our annual spring Rummage Sale.. And this is a signal to me to  create a new wreath for our door! I keep a supply of seasonal floral stems, and what-ever else strikes my fancy in storage. I drag it out and re-create a new wreath every year.  What I like about it is  it never gets boring - and I try to come up with new ideas.  A couple of weeks ago, I bought some glittery, inexpensive ribbon in a Robin's Egg Blue, and  dollar store Morning Glory flowers. So I knew my theme would start with blues and purples!

But of course, a 'punch of yellow' as my daughter likes to say - is truly a nod to Easter . And so I had the bright idea of using my handy-dandy BIG SHOT - again - to create some flowers!  I have the DAISIES #2  Bigz Die which provides you with a triple layer of successive sized daisies - it creates a real dimensional feel to the final flower creation.

And a few years back, I'd created some paper mache Easter Eggs embellished with crystal beads and cut-out alphabet letters to create HAPPY EASTER, so I was pretty much ready to go.

For anyone who'd like to try their first home-made wreath, I've posted a tutorial on how to create this wreath.

Actually, hope you all create a wreath - whatever size, shape or colour - to brighten your days!  Cheers!


click on pictures for close-ups

Here I am with my supplies laid out - all within easy reach.  This helps you to be focused on designing your wreath if everything is handy :)  

This nice organza  ribbon is easily  tied to the wreath. Twisting the ribbon, and puffing it out nicely helps create fullness if you work with 'wire-edged' ribbon.  

I've finished tying the ribbon ....and cut the ends nicely. 

To give my wreath some sparkle and more Easter accent, I pulled some of the pretty purple easter floss away from its package and carefully wrapped it tight with cotton floss - these will be tucked around the wreath just like a flower pick! I will attach them with a short length of grosgrain ribbon. 

Here is the final bundle with some vintage lilac ribbon I own!

Here we are - Daisy #2 for Sizzix's Big Shot or compatible machines. You can use smaller squares of cardstock to cut the flower in different colours.

I put the layers together by using a 1 inch circle behind the largest flower layer, then the rest are stacked on top by nesting the petals between one another.  You can layer the petals so they are perfectly aligned one on top of the other - then you'd have a different look!  You can switch each flower layer's colour - or - keep them all one colour......lots of creative decisions! 

and here are my 4 completed flowers - although I made 1 more after because an uneven amount of an design element works better.

place a good dollop of white glue onto center, and sprinkle  metallic flakes over top, gently push the flakes into the sides of the glue glop whie still trying to retain some dimension! Tap off excess flakes.

attach the finished flowers to ribbon or a leaf using a Stampin' Up! Dimensional glue dot - the dot is strong, so after a week and my door opening/closing - its still there! Doesn't it make the wreath pop?

tuck in my papermache eggs with die-cut alphabet greeting

9 March 2010

"Eggcoutrement Cupcakes" - Spring Easter Decorating Cupcake Ideas


Need simple, cute ideas to dress up cupcakes?  Mmmmh-hmmmm!  
I am a huge fan of the simple chocolate cupcake - a good size (not too tiny teeny or lop-sided, thank you!), moist, basic chocolate....with a nice dollop of icing! 

Now  long ago when I possessed a child's sweet immunity to mile-high candy toppings, things went smoothly for Mom decorating cupcakes - a no brainer so-to-speak!  But now - I'd get a headache if I ate gummy worms or hard multi-coloured teddy bears piled high all over my cupcake!

But look at this one -  pretty delicate sprinkles and a darling cupcake pick! 


Want more themes for decorating your cupcakes -
 browse through our catalogue and choose another stamp set. 

Stampin' Up Stamp Set & Supplies
Eggcoutrements Cupcake Pick

  • Eggcoutrements*
  • Spring Floral Stampin' Around wheel*
  • Bashful Blue card stock
  • So Saffron card stock
  • Whisper White card stock
  • Bashful Blue Classic Stampin' Pad
  • So Saffron Classic Stampin' Pad
  • Bashful Blue 1/4" grosgrain ribbon
  • Linen thread
  • Sherbet Designer buttons
  • Stampin' Dimensionals
  • Extra Large Fancy Flower punch*
  • 1" Circle punch
  • Bamboo skewers
*From 2010 Occasions Mini Catalogue


Use So Saffron Classic Stampin' Pad and the Spring Floral Stampin' Around Wheel and roll the design across a sheet of So Saffron cardstock.  Fold the cardstock in half, and use the Extra Large Fancy Flower punch which you position so that on one petal, the punch reaches just beyond the fold - and punch out your flower.  The flower should be two flowers connected by the fold. Set aside.

Using the circle with the rabbit  stamp from the Eggcoutrments Stamp Set, stamp with Bashful Blue ink onto Whisper White cardstock - twice.  Using the 1 " Circle punch - punch out the circle stamped image, and cut out just the rabbit head on the other stamped image. Glue the punched out blue circle onto the folded flower - and then mount the rabbit on top of its own image of the circle using a Stampin' Dimensional - refer to the picture. 

Take a light blue button from Sherbet Designer buttons and thread a piece of linen thread through it, and tie off. Make a small ribbon tie around the bamboo skewer and attach the prepared blue button onto the ribbon knot using a Stampin' Dimensional.  

Attach the prepared flower onto the top end of the bamboo skewer with Stampin' Dimensionals  making sure the bamboo skewer is attached  inside the flower.. 
Trim skewer to suit the cupcake or dessert/projects.

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