31 March 2013

Easter Cake Stand Centerpiece

Happy Easter,

Here's a quick Easter centerpiece using a cake stand {minus the dome}....and it only takes minutes to make!

You need:

A cake stand
small basket
faux leaves (3 large or about 5 medium)
faux spring flowers
straw grass (plain or coloured)
Easter decorations = eggs, small nests, bunnies or similar objects.
A can and something to help anchor it down [tape, marbles, pennies, etc]
doily or paper to decorate can lid [or use the straw grass]

Decide on your decorations and which will be the main features.
Then arrange the leaves and grass around the plate - much like a wreath.

Situate a can in the center of a small basket. You should weigh the can down with marbles, pennies or something so it isn't easily knocked over. Hide the lid/can with a doily or straw.

Next place your small basket in the center of the cake plate nestled in your leaves/straw arrangement. Add your main decoration in the basket situated on the hidden can - I used a ceramic Bunny. This raises the decoration among its surrounding, which adds ' visual interest'.

Now sprinkle the flowers and other decorations amongst the leaves, straw and center basket. I used eggs, a small nest, and another ceramic bunny. I also added a couple of butterflies!  You could also do some ribbons somewhere - pretty!

That's it!  This is only a guideline - feel free as a bird to design an arrangement - it looks great no matter how you arrange it.....like having a small piece of Nature adorning your home!

Happy Easter :)

26 March 2013

Friend Spring Card

I started this card by staring at some green/cream plaid cardstock.  In trying to be experimental, I decided to "add" a little extra to this cardstock and chose STAMPIN' UP!'s " MUSIC NOTES " Wheel Stamp because it's always a compatible element - much like ' script text ' is when layered over another design. 

I also love lilac and green together - and I LUV SU's Lucky Limeade colour!!!  I'm really into greens, and because this colour will be gone by June 1 because its a temporary IN COLOR, I may have to order packs and packs of it!!!  I am really hoping SU adds it to the regular line-up {they DID say they would from time to time} because its one of those nice lemony-green shades I am drawn to most of all greens. 

Anyways this card is pretty self-explanatory - lots of punching going on. Oh - I "dyed" my twine using SU chalks, that was messy but fun as I used my fingers, ha ha! 

OK, thanks for dropping by!

21 March 2013

Altering "Sycamore Street" Designer Series Paper for the FUN of It!

**Hey, remember me?  It has been awhile since my last post featuring Stampin' Up! projects but I've been a'craftin', I just have been a bad blogger!  So here I am with a little idea I had and have decided to share :)

Ever get a pack of Stampin' Up!'s beautiful Designer Series Papers and just don't know which patterned paper you want to start with?  And you hum and haw, and  basically stall? Well, I have that happen all the time!

So this time when my friend Maria shared some of her SYCAMORE STREET DSP [ since during SAB I went with 'other' freebies ]....I looked at the patterns and just decided to play ball with them or put them down!!! LOL - I mean, I decided to be fierce!

Here is what I was looking at:*

* And looking over them, I was really intrigued with these two...

So I decided to do this....cut along the exotic floral, blue-lined shapes and attach them to the fish-scale light blue pattern and flip over the "in-between bits" and attach those to the raspberry chevron pattern!  Then I cut both into strips. Have a look.....in other words, transfer one design ontop of another! 
Play around with the patterns and be just that - playful.  Or you might miss out on a really pleasing result, like I said ' play ball! '

Next, take your newly-created "strips" and play around with those on more patterns!  

I decided to start with a white 12 inch paper, and cover it with strip after strip - like quilting in a way. 
I juxtaposed colours I liked, and the paper patterns all seem to work well together {SU! does that for you!}

 And before you know it, I had MY OWN ALTERED DESIGN....TA DA! 

And I will use some solid colour mats or frames to add my photo lay-out later on, plus I really am looking forward to embellishing it - flowers, charms, who knows what goodies will follow!


You can do this in a simple fashion too.  Yes, just add strips of different patterns, and even of different widths, and it makes a great card.  Here is mine without final adjustments like a greeting or embellishment, but you can see what I mean.



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