31 March 2013

Easter Cake Stand Centerpiece

Happy Easter,

Here's a quick Easter centerpiece using a cake stand {minus the dome}....and it only takes minutes to make!

You need:

A cake stand
small basket
faux leaves (3 large or about 5 medium)
faux spring flowers
straw grass (plain or coloured)
Easter decorations = eggs, small nests, bunnies or similar objects.
A can and something to help anchor it down [tape, marbles, pennies, etc]
doily or paper to decorate can lid [or use the straw grass]

Decide on your decorations and which will be the main features.
Then arrange the leaves and grass around the plate - much like a wreath.

Situate a can in the center of a small basket. You should weigh the can down with marbles, pennies or something so it isn't easily knocked over. Hide the lid/can with a doily or straw.

Next place your small basket in the center of the cake plate nestled in your leaves/straw arrangement. Add your main decoration in the basket situated on the hidden can - I used a ceramic Bunny. This raises the decoration among its surrounding, which adds ' visual interest'.

Now sprinkle the flowers and other decorations amongst the leaves, straw and center basket. I used eggs, a small nest, and another ceramic bunny. I also added a couple of butterflies!  You could also do some ribbons somewhere - pretty!

That's it!  This is only a guideline - feel free as a bird to design an arrangement - it looks great no matter how you arrange it.....like having a small piece of Nature adorning your home!

Happy Easter :)


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