6 October 2011

Preparing Swap Cards for Palooza!

Good Morning!

This is what I have been doing since about 5am - making my " SWAPS " for our upcoming Palooza.  I had not planned on making any swaps - but since the event was rescheduled, I had a little time this morning to make some. Not alot, but I shall return with an equal amount of cardfronts made by others, and that will be awesome!

For those of you who are new to this craft, 'swaps' is like trading baseball cards ....you merely make up samples in the quantity of your choice or pre-determined amounts involving organized swaps, and off you go and swap with the others attending the same event - its fun!  And you come home with a group of fascinating cards, ATCs, tags (what-ever the type) ...that you can tuck away into your collection album, display board - well, you get the idea!  

There are some prolific swappers out there too - and according to the size of the event they are attending, they will get really busy and make 250 or even 500 pieces to swap!  That'sa a'lotta swappin'!  I think they have to pack a separate carry-on for them to board the plane - but they love it and that's what counts :)

Anyways instead of "quantity" - I am going for "quality" and so I have taken to creating mine using alot of steps - my ' fussy cards ' again!
I have altered the size of a tag cut from my Big Shot and using our TWO TAGS Die - I am so pleased with myself on that one {lol}...and then layering on top of that resized tag, is the actual tag in the size its meant to be - BUT - I have cut a circle in it, and backed that with a square of cardstock that has been stamped with a floral pattern. AND, not stopping there - I used a technique called SMUDGE TECHNIQUE which is where you stamp the design in a dark colour, then re-stamp over top of it in a white ink, then "smudge" it with your finger so that the white ink creates a soft effect with the ink creating a halo around the edges!  Looks great!

But that is just the beginning - because I have gone on ...adding more techniques, in a spontaneous fashion only stopping to make several pieces at once. I like to break it up that way or it gets monotonousness for me and hurts my eyes as well.  I even go away and do something entirely different, then come back and pick up where I left off.

So I am not done and when I am, I will be sure to post the results. But meanwhile - have a great day, it looks to be another great day outside, and I still have grocery shopping to do!

This one is 'special ' ... I goofed it up, so rather than toss it, I have added more to camouflage my mistake!  

what do they say....' a stitch in time, saves nine! '.....well, I am ' stitching nine to save time ' !!! 

And check out my old - really old sewing machine....I just 
sewed a skirt with this, still works! 
Its from 1980.

And at one time, when my daughter was in her "sticker" phase, I discovered she had covered almost every inch of this machine with stickers! Eventually, I scraped them all off and de-gooed the sticky residue off (what a pain that was!).....but I left one or two stickers to remind me of my little sticker urchin, back then! 
Ahh memories! 

The last sticker! 



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