7 October 2011

.....my home sweet home!

And moving into my decorating - I went pretty simple, and just added the few decorations we have on hand, plus I added some paper pinwheels I had been making and sprinkled those in amongst the china cabinet and shelving. Sometimes we don't have to do a lot to make an impact!

What is this - a pinwheel?  

Not my best china display - too busy this month but I will have 
much more time for Christmas decorating - yah!

Some cards I did in my INKS meetings! 
I bought a cheap MUM plant, and placed it in my own basket and brought out our little hedgehog!  Plus I switched the framed pictures - away went a beach picture - and in is my ol' Pepper picture with all its embellishment! And that stand will soon hold a pie, yummmm!   [CLICK ON PICS TO SEE A BETTER VIEW!]

This is one of my absolute favourite pieces - a three tiered stand!  I can add absolutely anything - well, almost anything - to this and make a fantastic display with no effort!   And I really bought it to put my collection of wood-mount rubberstamps!  I did do it for awhile until it was clear that it was tedious scrounging around to find 'a' stamp when I needed it, lol!  But it still looked great!!!! 

I always use everyday items in my decorating, such as a picnic basket - and placing a shot of Autumn orange nearby....always works!  Besides I love basket, willow, bark - all that awesome natural material Mother Nature provides us!  

Well I must go - so much to do still!  




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