7 October 2011

....Thanksgiving Week-end and a host of projects!

Here is my finished swaps! {see earlier post}

And an extra card for a special someone who is turning 50!  She loves the sweet-vintage look, and I think my card evokes that for her if I do say so myself!  

And while I was finishing the swap tags, and this card - I was also madly preparing more projects for a display board for this Sat. - tomorrow - and - making a mad dash at decorating our home for Thanksgiving! Whew-wee!  Did I mention our kitchen sink clogged up for two days earlier this week - honestly, where do we fit everything in!?!

So I will make a quick blog post today by throwing everything in - I may have to come back and fill in the details one day or two later as I will be at a crafting event all day tomorrow, and well - you know what this weekend is like, need I say more ladies?  Let the madness begin!

My collection!  There are 10 different techniques on this project!  10! 
I don't do that everyday!!!

See how the effects of our SMOOCH Paint works when you mix it with alcohol and put it in 
a mister?  This angle is meant to show you the spritizing [left card] but when you are looking at 
it directly, its more subtle. 

My special card and my candle belly band! 

A delightful pair!

Here is the candle band from another view - I absolutely love this background
floral stamp!  And when you reduce it to showing only sections - it looks as
intriguing as it does stamped a a whole!  Note the little crimped edges!

Wall Art made with a canvas, and our OWL BUILDER PUNCH! 
I totally had fun making up all different owls - but I did stick to a simple palette 
of colours to miz and match!  Add little flowers and any little girl would love this -
maybe even big girls too!

My stockings!!!!!   Our HOLIDAY STOCKING L DIE for the Big Shot is
sooooo wonderful to play with!!!!   The possibilities are endless!  
I added the 'blades' myself - they are not part of the die parts as you
can see in the picture below.  I also added the lacy doily - I was after a
Vintage Skate look - and the doily was a piece left over from 
last Valentines - way to re-purpose!!! 

.....the wonderful die!


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