13 June 2011

2-Step Owl Punch Stampin' Up! It's the little things!

I have a confession.

I have owned a wall decor item for-ever and ever.  I believe I was somewhere between 16 and 20 when I received this as a gift, a...oh, what do you call gifts from travels?   Its on the tip of my tongue - memento, no...a gift that we give when we go away and we bring everyone close to us a small gift from our vacation - we all have had that happen.

Well, my confession is that I didn't really like it so much. NOT the idea - no, I treasured the thoughtfulness that my Aunt included me in her offering; but I really didn't like the 'design' of the gift so much.  I am not sure why not - its a pretty design, but I think its the frame.   Here it is.


It looks nice on my orange coloured walls of my stamp room - but over the years since I was really young, it just didn't seem to go with anything I owned. And it was really a strong and striking piece - I tried many times to find just the right spot and failed many times as well.  Just one of those things. So I felt guilty and often hung it up in some inconspicuous spot or regretfully left it in a drawer.

Well - no more!

Thankfully, it has found a spot in my stamping room with a slight difference!

Yep - a little pixie of an owl in all pink is there all right!  Now, I love it!
I guess it just needed a touch of cuteness to make it more to my taste!

My aunt Elsie is now turning 98 years old - can you believe that she still lives on her own - with no assisted living besides her neice who kindly helps out with shopping? 
Amazing and she is the last of her siblings, so I knew them all of course, and it never occurred to me to think who would make it to the last of their generation, but Aunt ELsie has, God Bless Her. 
And I am always going to have a little smile when I see this now - more than ever! 


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