13 June 2011

Father's Day Card - #1 Sheriff in Town!

Lasso up a card for this coming FATHER'S DAY!  Conjure up the perfect card for that special 'DUDE' ?
Let em know that as DAD - he's #1 - and this card ought to do that!

I was thinking of how to represent the ol west when I didn't have any cowboy stamps per se, nothing western at all - zip, nada!  Then I thought that the Sheriff's Badge would be easy enough to make if you broke it down to basic parts - basically, its a circle with pointy triangles, nes pa?

So that is what I did!

1) first I cut me a circle with our 1-3/4 inch CIRCLE PUNCH.

2) make them thar pointy parts!

         To Make Triangles for the Sheriff's Star Badge

  •         cut a strip of cardstock twich as wide  than the length of your points, and about 6 inches in length
  •          score a half-way line down the center of the length
    • then draw a series of large X's across the entire width of the cardstock - make the width of each equal to the width of your desired point - the 'points' emerge as you draw,  - you'll see! After, cut out those 'triangles' - make sure you  have enough for the Texas Star shape - 5 tips but it can also have 6 tips!
  •           When done cutting the triangles - score each one down its center length.
3) Map out where the points go on your star - around the circumference of the circle - I practiced, and then glued each triangle to the back of the circle.

4) Optional - but interesting to add # 1 to the newly-formed Sheriff's Badge!   I cut mine from some scrap of foil lining from a chocolate box - shiny is good!

5) Mount your star on a background of cardstock - but let's make it interestin' Dudes and Dudettes!  Choose our Vintage Embossing Folder to give it that stylized Western scroll look - they used to have these fancy-smancy designs on their rifles/guns/badges - buckles!  Even leather was embossed in them thar days!  LAYER this all on to the CARD FRONT.

6) Embellish friends!
 Add a Lasso  fashioned out of twine- and you can even lasso up a touch of 'love' while yer at it!
  I shaped mine and glued it as I went along!  Heart shaped, the word ' Love ' for good measure at the tail end.....take your time, use thick glue which dries fast like our TOMBOW GLUE.   We have some great twine in our SUMMER MINI CATALOQUE - check it out!!!
              CLOSE UP OF ' LOVE ' 
can you make out my word - I didn't do the best ' L ' 
but I am sure you can tell what I am expressing!
See the scores on the points?
I also inked the edges of the embossed Natural White layer - first with Daffodil Delight {yellow}, 
then with Espresso { brown }.

To make the star seem more 'Official' - I added silver brads to each point! 



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Angel Dee said...

=) this is really creative and interesting! xx

Beverly's Stamping Beehive said...

Thanks for dropping by Angel! Glad you like it !!!

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