27 June 2011

CARD QUOTES....." What Lies Before Us...."

I really enjoy this thoughtful phrase and you can see how I've used it in a special project in the post previous to this one!
{no rubberstamp here but you could do this in digital form using our STAMPIN' UP!'S MY DIGITAL STUDIO! Bingo! }

When I first came across the quote; the source contributed it to Ralph W. Emerson but apparently it has an air of controversy swirled around it as to the rightful author.  According to an article on Quote Investigator Here - there are any number of men as the proper speaker. And one of them could be a disgraced Wall Street stock trader.

Still, it is a lovely saying. Regardless of the fact that it is an old saying, it still rings true!

See how you could use it in a project of your own!




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