19 November 2009

Holiday Party! Sun Nov 29 Come On Over!

NOVEMBER 29th - 1:30 PM, My HOLIDAY PARTY for my customers and friends!  

I am posting today about my H O L I D A Y Par-teeeee!  (OK, my daughter will cringe when she sees that, ha ha)

Every year, I am one of those countless Hostesses myself - but I absolutely love it, so I hope to see as many friendly faces as I can !

Not that I don't love a challenge, but do you cringe just a little when deciding how to decorate for the holidays?  I think we all do!  I am happy that this year I invested in some of our Stampin' Up! holiday line's fabulous items......such as the Christmas Pop-Up Tree!  I just received it yesterday, so I must get cracking and do the learning thing - yes, I have to too!  So when you see me demo it, you'll know I stayed up late one night (with cocoa!)....figuring out the do's & don'ts (there are always don'ts...)....the sound of slicing paper, a few @!zx8u!! when I drop my paper piercer on my toe or get ink smudges - but luckily its more silence than noise as my rapt attention, task at hand  draws me into the 'crafting zone' !  

{shown above in an 'undressed' way - wait till you see it "really" decorated!}

Then - I purchased a Decor Elements piece, Holiday Mix. This is a 8-1/2 x 11 sheet filled with removable and repositionable plastic images and letters which I can use to decorate - how easy!  Just line them up and smooch them on!   Easy-smeeshy!   But not only that - you can use them to etch glass or smooth ceramic or mirrored objects!   As ususal the craft community comes up with these ideas! 

I am working on an ADVENT CALENDAR!   I do one every year - last year I believe we hung little tied up pouches of candy from a birch branch.  I love branches but I'll see if I can think of something else this year....well, with stamps sets and all the lovely bits.....I am enjoying myself immensely crafting.

Now if you can not make it to my party to have some cocoa, chat, do a quick project and just visit...don't fret!  Online - I will make a special day of it too with a project to share .....just wait to see!  I want you to share the fun! :)

TODAY's CRAFT IDEA.....brought to you by "Tree Trimmings" Stamp Set # 116722, see Holidays in our catalogue or online store.

We're all seeing how popular the ornament motif is this year - it's everywhere!  I like them myself so I have no complaints....this set is wonderful, its in our regular catalog.


Here are some of the lovely projects I have found for Tree Trimmings - enjoy!

Here is a close-up of the nice 1/2 in. Polka-Dot Grosgrain Ribbon  {Rich Razzleberry, # 115613 from our IN COLORs this year} used on the project above - and the wider 1-1/4 in Striped Grosgrain Ribbon {Old Olive, #115618 } is sooooo gorgeous to have!  It's one of those yummy type products!  I have used it in one of my home decor projects which I will show online after my party!  Still plenty of time to order for yourself if you wish!

Speaking of ribbon, must get back to crafting.....and my lovely daughter is home on this damp day, so must make some soup!

Cheers all!

Images courtesy:Valerie Shreyer; Mary Fish;


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