15 November 2009

What a delish Centerpiece - and it's Favour Boxes too!

Isn't this darling?  Its a stack of favour boxes - combined to look like a cake!  How sweet!

The pattern is the thing here.  You could make this over the course of an evening or two, but it would be easier with some helping hands!  Mom, grandmom, sis, heck even brother (why not!) could help you put this together - what is the old saying..."many hands make light work". 

If you come to my Bridal 101 classes - I will discuss the pros and cons of making your own projects. Just so you know where you should approach the DIY idea.....take it from someone who makes a whole lotta crafts - me!  I will mainly be talking about invitations in class 101.  However I will be adding Bridal Classes through-out next year where we will touch on different projects......this definitly could be one of them!

Contact Me - for information pertaining to Bridal Classes, or regular Craft Classes.


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