3 November 2009

Introducing My Blog Designer Extraordinaire - my daughter!

How do you like my new look?  I was thrilled this morning when my daughter surprised me with an up-dated look to my blog!  A total surprise - wasn't that nice of her!!!

She stayed up late to do it too, awwww!  You don't know how I have struggled with the simpliest things on the technical side of blogging - sheesh - I guess I just don't have the patience to tackle the myriad of details. If my daughter has the time {which she doesn't}and shows me the steps - then I can learn it fast, but on my own....nothing but the loading of pictures {even that can get complicated in certain instances}.

SO - I am tickled pink - just pink.  I can get on with the creative side and business side of crafting which is my forte - - - SO BIG HUGS TO MY DAUGHTER!  OXOXO!

[Note - she said to say that she 'merely' edited a template as she didn't want to come up with all the HTML coding - ok hun!]   :)


Queenie said...

Woooohoooo missus your new look is truly posh and stunning!!!!
Big hugs to your fab daughter too.
Hugs to you too

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