25 October 2009

DIY Bridal 101 Creating your own Invitations & Wedding Projects with Stampin' Up!

Thank You for all the interest shown at my table display as part of the Scarborough, Welcome Wagon Bridal Showcase today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
I really enjoyed meeting everyone of the brides-to-be and their guests, it was really lovely. 
Our purpose in participating in this event was to demonstrate the Do-It-Yourself Approach in hand-making  your INVITATIONS as well as many other items to create a very personal look to your wedding.   

The most common reaction at our table today was surprise when it was learned that everything on display was hand-made!  So many surprised faces!  I hope we managed to convey our message that with some basic preparation, ANYONE can whip up invitation sets, and learn some new ways to look at how you can enjoy making all types of projects to help you plan your events - think favours, guest books, decorations, .....if we can think it, we can make it! 

It basically comes down to two decisions.....you have money or you have time! And personally, I like to stretch my money to work for me in as many ways as possible....so I make the time! 

As a typical  Do-It -Yourself person...and listen to this - I hand-made all the projects you saw there today - just this past week!  In  less time really as shopping for other items to be used (fabric, beads, etc.) took some time. If I can do creative projects in a matter of days - just think what YOU could accomplish in a month or more!

Not only that - but it can be a fun event - grab some friends, we can coach them to using the supplies and with some SIMPLE organization, you can have a party and everyone has fun making YOUR INVITATIONS!
DO NOT WORRY THAT YOU ARE NOT CREATIVE- as I am an Stampin' Up! Creative Coach. AND the STAMPIN' UP CATALOGUE has all the supplies you could possibly want - you can order through me or purchase online!  I have classes each month and have designed a special bridal class which I will hold periodically.  See details below. It's all made easy to do!  

Contact me to sign up for classes.  
November 21, Sat. 2 PM   
January 17, 2 PM

Attend this class to help you learn the 'basics' to DIY wedding projects.  We will discuss the materials you'll need  beginning with your choice of cardstock and envelopes and whether choose to print your invitations on the printer. Then we'll discuss expanding on the basics - where you design your invitations with some flair!  

Again - You don't need to be especially creative - Stampin' Up! has taken care of that for you!  It is VERY COST-EFFECTIVE!!!

Learn what to look for, what not to do!   Learn the practical from the exquisite! You'll decide based on your budget just how simple to how involved you'll want to be. Save in one area so you can spend in another!

Then delve into the fun and create with two different techniques leaving you with two beautiful samples to take home .

I'll post more pics later!

  I look forward to seeing the nice people again who expressed an interest today   and there is no time like the present to come and try out a project - just see what you can do!

**** PLEASE NOTE - IF YOU ATTENDED the WELCOME WAGON BRIDAL SHOWCASE and if YOU SIGNED up for my NEWSLETTER - I will draw from the list of names and ONE LUCKY WINNER will WIN this CLASS FREE!
Also, every person who dropped by my table, and would like to come to the class - you will receive $5.00 off the price of the class!!!  Let me know when you sign up for the classes which applies to you!  Thanks!



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