21 April 2012

T-Slider Birthday Card Tutorial

Hellooo Crafty Friends!!!

As mentioned in my previous post, I would drop by with some pictures of my progress making the T-SLIDER CARD.   But I also should direct you to the original tutorial where I was directed so YOU TOO can make this fantastic card!   

link =  http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/resources/tutorials/tslidecard


OK - I stamped this image from our SWEET SHOP SUITE of products [Occasions Mini Catalogue] and my CLEAR MOUNT stamp set is called SWEET CAKE.   

I used my CALYPSO CORAL CLASSIC INK PAD and then swooped around the outside border with my PACIFIC POINT MARKER.  Stamped it and cut it out. 

 I stamped my sentiment into the provided box area.  Because 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' pops up when they pull on the tab, I chose to use the 'Sweet Love' sentiment as its my girl and she's a sweetie! 

Then I attached it to a mat of our lovely, lovely blue paper - POOL PARTY cardstock. This is such a pretty colour, reminds me of so many things and I love its softness!  

To 'fancy it up' - I added GLITTER of course!   Read on for my tip!!!!!


"mix-it-up glitter 3D style! "

CLICK on the above photo and you will see that my cupcake glitter is quite thick!  And it is a mixture of small to large glitter flakes as well as multi-coloured!!   GUESS WHAT -  IT STARTS OFF WITH CLEAR GLITTER!!!   How did I do this? 

Well we often have more than one colour of glitter, right?  I also have Stampin' Up!'s Clear-ish DAZZLING DETAILS glitter bottle.  With the bottle's nozzle, I can accurately apply glitter glue following any outline.

 I apply a good thickness and while its wet, I drop other colours of glitter { flakes or glue style} into my clear glitter, and mix them gently with a toothpick.  If you look, I have clear, blue and our larger Champagne Glass Glitter mixed together.  
I also applied a thick mound of the Clear Dazzling Details to the CHERRY and then piled pink flakes of glitter overtop. I pushed it into a pile with the toothpick, so its very 3D! 
Finally, I added our Real Red Dazzling Details to the heart, and did so in 3 thin layers with a small drying period inbetween. The reason is because glitter glue can spread the glitter particles a bit too far apart, so adding at least a second layer is useful. 

So in the end, the CUPCAKE GLITTERS with more panache than it would in just clear - in my humble opinion.  Otherwise it would of appeared like the glitter I applied around the text box - pretty, but I felt my cupcake needed to appear as colourful as the area surrounding it. 

Next time you glitter - try this technique !!! 


Here is my 4 inch square using a sheet of colourful SWEET CAKE Designer Series Paper cut and folded according to the SCS Tutorial.  {the blue with white hearts in the background is the pattern on the opposite side of this double-sided cardstock} 

 Please note the little cut-out section to the left of my pencil.  That section is closest and parallel to the fold which is nearest the cut edge {which itself is perpendicular to the 1rst, 3rd cut edges}.  I just wanted to point that out - because I had trouble at first following the twists and turns of the video. 

I put my pencil there to show the cuts and folds of the interior flap. 

Here you can see the whole flap folded upwards!  

The following pictures show the next pieces you'll work with......

The large square has a section of cardstock which is only visible underneath the folding flap. The small rectangles are the T-SLIDE mechanisms and to create the Pull-Tab.  The circle and half circle help to re-inforce the end of the Pull-Tab itself.  More on those later. 

These parts are the POP-UP GREETING TAB.

Pictured from the back, you will insert the POP-UP GREETING TAB

Back side of folding flap, greeting tab. 

The greeting tab is inserted so that its top edge peeks out the front through
the slot, and is attached ontly with its back end  - which you can see is aligned to the fold of the flap. 

I double-check to see where and how the POP-UP GREETING TAB will be 
'BEFORE' I glue it in place!!!!   I had to do this several times to make sure it was
correct because we are using the impossible-to-remove 'Sticky-Tape' to attach it as we need its
strength, but its a do it right the first time maneuver!  

Yes - its working!  

Now return to the back side!   The 1rst rectangle portion of the T-SLIDE mechanism!  In the tutorial you
are shown where to attach each piece!  

Then the 2nd rectangle to complete the T-SLIDE mechanism. 

Edges are taped {minus the pull-tab section - see where green circles were added?}
I'm ready to attach the T-SLIDE/FOLDING FLAP/FRAME!!!! 


I found it slide in and out better when I smoothed back part of the slot opening - I made a wee
'lip' {tiny blue strip by slot edge}.

Here it is from the back - all nice and tidy - and READY TO MOUNT TO THE CARD BASE!

Final step - I mount this to a CARD BASE of Pool Party Cardstock. 
I added a bit more decoration to the pull-tab, and added a satin BOW. 

It goes well with all the sweet things a young woman loves!  

Like I said - this card hangs between easy-to-difficult depending on your own experience!
For the few minutes it takes to pass through any difficulties pales to how this card will impress 
its intended!   Take the time to visit the TUTORIAL LINK {see at beginning and previous post} and TRY THIS CARD FOR YOURSELF - ITS CHALLENGING AND FUN! 



Have a great week-end!  

PLEASE NOTE - If you'd like to have a workshop where I demonstrate this card.....or you'd like to skip the tutorial and want to PURCHASE this card......please contact me.  I'll be happy to help! 




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Ooooo I've got this set and will have a go at it soon. tfs and thanks for my Birthday wishes yesterday. Your swap is amazing I love it! did you get mine yet?

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