25 November 2012

Create Scented Holiday Centerpieces or Accents of Potpourri

Hey Crafty Friends --

I decided to craft {what a surprise} a small Hostess Gift to give my friend recently and had a 'bucket' of fun doing it.  I made some scented potpourri! And presented it in a cute dish - looked great.....:) {grin} 

Not only was this fun, it was easy.  Real easy.

I know that the really nice packages of potpourri in the stores look the way they do because they add decorative elements to the mix - such as nice pinecones, or glittery straw stars - etc, etc. instead of just the plain-looking potpourri mix.  And what's a nice girl to do when money is needed to buy many, many gifts.  DO IT YOURSELF!!!!   So with that in mind, I made my way to the DOLLAR STORE - where else!

I had to actually ' pay '  for the pinecones {when I should of picked some nice ones off the ground in the fall, oh well...} but that was offset by the nice glittery straw balls, and white stars I found!  Lastly, I needed some scented oil.  And then a container.  [note - you can use clay pieces as well to hold the oil scent]

Slet's see that written down, my shopping list =   natural materials [pinecones, small straw or wood, or clay-shaped accents], plain potpourri mix, scented oil, container, clear cellophane wrap & ties, gift tag, ribbon,  bucket, rubber gloves, stir spoon.

Create - Create- Create..!
OK - when you gather your supplies, clear the table....grab a large container, don some gloves and dump everything in that container, for me it was a large pink bucket!

Pour on the scented oil.....i used a mix of expensive boutique essential oil, and a generic pretty apple-berry scented oil.  Do it a few swigs at a time - you don't want to overpower it!  Better to be add more. 

Here's the special "accents" I added to the plain bag of potpourri I purchased, and one of the oils [red box]. Just these items alone give your mix the coveted 'designer' look.  Pretty sneaky, huh? Darn right!

Here it is in the cutesy red bowl I found at the Dollar Store!  I decided smaller would be the right size for a Hostess gift. Therefore, if you make a whole bunch of the mix - you could potentially have many gifts!   

Create a pretty Gift Tag - here is another lovely Hostess Stamp Set from SU! I embossed the image in white embossing powder which is striking against the red paper!  The Designer Paper accordian-fold rosette is hand-made and the chipboard tag has been coated with red paint and glitter, and isn't it PRETTY all together?  Why not make a few of these one night and save yourself time? You know you're going to need them - there's always those last-minute gifts!

Here it is all wrapped in cellophane, tagged and oh so ready to give!  

And here is our own in a pretty plain white dish. 
Smells w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l  !!!

Hope you enjoy making your own home fragrant with  scented Holiday Potpourri. 



Craftystamper said...

I was the lucky recipient of the scented holiday potpourri and the package looks so wonderful I still haven't opened it. The tag looks absolutely gorgeous in real life. You've put together a wonderful tutorial - I might even make some of my own. Thanks for sharing.

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