5 March 2009

Why I love - love- love Punches!

Here I am to point out a pet love of mine - punches! Not the kind you throw at people - goodness, ha ha....but the kind that punches out paper and it feels fun to do! I really like the way punches cut through paper - its kinda like therapy for me, lol! I know we've all had that bit of stubborn cardstock or plastic film or something - - so you know what I mean!! {'cept for anyone whose never had the pleasure of trying punches - go try, you'll like em!} ...but its the feeling of the crisp crunch of slicing through paper that's so satisfying :)! Then, there is also this- I hate throwing stuff out! And sometimes I spy something I think will make a great "something-or-other" and so I keep it and wonder what'll I do about it. That's when a punch comes in real handy!

Take a look - here is this scrap of paper, frayed - a real possible toss-out! Not so!
I grabbed my (Mini) Scallop Envelope Bigz die * [Big Shot]and punched out the miniature envelope and still used two hand held punches to cut out 'Heart to Heart' hearts and 1/2 in. circles! So I really grazed my way through that paper til it was grazed!! Ka-put!
So, recycle to your heart's content - plus it justifies the way we crafters think of how we can make a craft out of anything - ha ha!
I added some more embellishments, a flower bouquet and now I have a sweet something out of what otherwise would have been tossed out. And 'that's' why I love-love-love punches!

***All the above mentioned punches and *Big Shot die system are available from Stampin' Up! Ask me how if you wish.
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tiggertastic said...

wow you got all that out of 1 bit of paper, no wonder you love punches hun,

sarah x

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