12 May 2009

More Brilliant Flower Tutes! "PAPER ROSES"

......as demo'd by Maria over the pond there......amazing what we can do from such simple beginning.....enjoy her tute HERE {if does not work - I'll come & check soon to fix}

You can see that by cutting a bit, rolling & gluing, you can achieve a great effect! Congrats Maria for your 1rst blog anniversary!

The flower 'group' picture [top] is what a pal of mine, Becki, from my ol' CB forum is doing for her upcoming wedding! Be nice to see what her finished pics will be! CONGRATS Becki & Alan on your upcoming nuptials!

*PS - I have seriously sore wrist & can't type much, so I may be offering a string of tutes for awhile & less typing.


Becki and Alan said...

It is such a fantastic tutorial, isn't it?! Thanks, Beverley, for your congratulations on our wedding - two weeks on Friday, I can't believe it!

Great blog, by the way. You have some lovely projects on here...


Beverly's Stamping Beehive said...

Believe it, lol! You take care - can't wait to see your pics too! Lovely so far if the roses are any indication!

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