3 September 2009

Back to School Teacher's Gift Set

Why not get off on the right foot with the teacher with a nice card and a little something to help him or her out? We know that teacher's often pay for supplies out of their own pocket and any contribution is a welcome one.

So I cooked up this idea ....a card and with it the simpliest little pocket pouches that can contain small office supplies - such as clips and push pins but it could easily be candy!

The card was a small labour of love I made not so long ago...I wanted to use up some scraps and this is one way of doing that.  I save scraps and sort them into brown bags that sit together in a large basket. So finding some strips, I laid them out over the paper layer  in one direction, alternating paper colours and patterns and secured one end of each to the card. Then I returned with strips to weave in the opposite direction. By securing the first layer's end, you can weave better. Saves endless grief re-working the positions!

Trim your ends and attach to card.

Then I decided to 'stitch' by hand.  I placed some holes in the cardstock in a pattern - could be any pattern, no rules :)  Then I used some cross-stitch thread in the green. I used more yarn to make a small home-spun looking doo-dad in the upper left corner.

A large red button is turned it into an apple simply by adding a stem/leaf which I made from more scrap paper.  To allow the apple to stand out, I separated it from the strips with 2 layers of paper underneath it.

Our Scalloped Square Punch came in handy as did my JUMBLE alphabet stamp set for the wording.....I left it at 'Best'....because you could make this card ahead and give it to your intended later on when an occasion arises, so it could be the 'best' teacher or mechanic or volunteer, etc.

I teach simple techniques for making the pouches you see here in my classes, so if you need instructions - just get in touch with me and I will share this one with you - a sort of "hello, here I am" sharing!  One could easily use these pouches for wedding favors or birthday party treats - or fill each one with chocolate - hmmm, maybe that will be another post for another day!

Here's some close-up pics - click on each to enlarge. Thanks for dropping by!


All supplies by Stampin' Up! except for office supplies, yarn and yellow sparkle paper.


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