3 September 2009

A holiday card from the simpliest of ideas and supplies.

I know that at this time of year there are new people who  may be embarking on their very first holiday season creating handmade cards!  We have all been there - our  first sense of joy and excitement - the very idea!
And maybe with limited supplies on hand, we wonder if we have enough - well, of course you do!  Having a piece of paper can be all you need - think of origami!  But today I am showing what may be the easiest Christmas card collection you'll have the joy to make!

Stampin' Up! has a page in the catalogue - let's see....page 208...and there you will find an assortment of single stamps all under $12.  Meet Dasher - isn't he handsome!  I knew I wanted him as soon as I laid eyes on him.....and so I am using him as my starting point.

I created this card with stamping Dasher and backing him with some - are you ready...recycled silver foil-coated paper - the box insert from a gift I received!  Yes - about 4 inches wide - but that's enough!  You can purchase silver cardstock, but a free find - why not!

SO after gluing my stamped deer to the recycled silver foil paper  using our glue roller adhesive, I then rummaged through my sewing box and found my old pinking shears!  A few well-meaning snips, and I had more interest on my card.....what next?

Just about to fix my 'Dasher' to the green cardstock - when I decided to do another favourite trick - use the same colour ink, on the same colour cardstock (or nearest colour) - and that is what I did using only the horns of the deer to create a bit of  'flourished' corners on the green cardstock...and see how it still stands out - it may be monochromatic, but it always looks classy in my opinion!

After gluing down the stamped image to the green cardstock, it occured to me to punch out part of a small circle on either side of the deer - and then make some more interest for the card by adding 2 silver brads.
But here is what I love about crafting - those part-circle disks that fell from the punch?  Well I used them as decorations by flipping them opposite the 'negative' space left behind - a modern touch!

And there you have it - a simple collection of supplies - and a pretty lovely card.  I would be happy to receive this!  

So fear not if you are just starting out - a beginner's collection, or a gift presented to you perhaps, means tons of ideas - really!  AND another important part - play!  Play and you never know what you might discover when you just get going!

Hope this has inspired you a bit - and if you are in my area, come join in on a class - the more you are around others, the more you will feel the inspiration!  But if you can't make it to a group for inspiration - that's why I blog!  I hope to help you all I can :)


Stampin' Up! Supplies - can be ordered through catalogue & a local Demonstrator like myself, or shop over the Internet using our online catalogue - 24/7 . Catalogues can be mailed right to you allowing you to experience  viewing our full collections in the comfort of your home - I can mail it to you all across CANADA. A beautiful catalogue in itself - often collected as they are chock full of beautiful illustrations!

 Any questions about how you could get started creating cards for the coming Holidays are welcome - contact me and I would love to answer any questions you may have.


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