10 November 2011

Warm Hello to Maria!

Crafternoons everyone!

I want to say a warm ' hello ' to my new friend and customer, Maria !  

Maria was hostess today and served up coffee and refreshments with a generous smile, and was so very friendly to make us welcome today! And also a nice hello to her sister, Tula!

We made Newborn Mini-Album which I will post pictures of - as soon as I find my camera-to-computer cord!!!  How annoying - I packed it up for Halloween party, and now I can't find where I hid it - oh drat!
Pictures soon I promise!!!

We used the new Nursery Additions stamp set, and a host of punches and Big Shot products to create a fashionable mini-album for the new Moms to enjoy!  So come back to see them please :)

I am taking another friend along - Emily - to our INKS meet this Saturday!  Hi EMILY!!   Its Emily's first time to a INKS get-together, so she is in for a treat! Yeah - its always so nice to bring this craft to new people, that is one reason I love doing this!!!  Sounds similar to what others say - but its true!  Share, share, share this hobby if you can!!!!

AND A BIG THANK YOU TO MY DAUGHTER - for being the love of my life AND for helping me again today - thanks sweetie!

Since I am at it - if I forget somehow, someway  by tomorrow - a huge THANK YOU to our VETERANS in tomorrow's Remembrance Day.....my father was in the army, and he had huge respect for the veterans in his day, so I hope we continue to carry that forth.

Well.....I guess that is it from me right now, hopefully soon as I find that camera cord - I will be right back here posting projects. I have made a video - needs a bit of editing, {a bit, lol}.....so lots to do with the HOLIDAYS - DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING CRAFTWISE THIS SEASON?  Love to hear from anyone with their ideas - or pics to share!!!!

bye for now,
Taylor ")


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