22 June 2013

Birthday Card for Disney's Minnie Mouse Swimwear Collection - Use your Circle Punches!

The Disney Store - we just had to fall in there when out looking for birthday gifts for twins. Being that the twins in question are two adorable girls, our eyes popped when we spotted the Minnie Mouse Swimwear Collection - polka dots, bows and frills!!!  And  co-ordinating suits in different styles - the same yet different - perfect for twins, right? Right!  Then the accessories killed us!  We finally had to stop after awhile because our wallets told us to, but it sure was fun. So terribly guilty on the Disney - in fact I don't know which age is worse in there - kids or us adults?

Anyways, got home and began to think of an idea for a card. I don't think it was too long before I remembered I had a polka dot background stamp from Stampin' Up! and some recently acquired red cards with matching envelopes.....so a quick trip to the craft room, tossed around some drawers and came out victorious with white embossing powder, versamark and the aforementioned polka dot stamp.

I embossed the whole front of the red card and the polka dots are designed to be a bit grungy or distressed - looked amazing!

Next I searched the internet and saw a simple yet fabulous idea for crafting the minnie/mickey mouse head using your circle punches!  Back to the craft room, grabbed my 1-3/4 and 2-1/2 inch Stampin' Up! Circle Punches and Basic Black cardstock.....crunch, crunch, crunch. Spit out 3 circles - two smaller for the ears and one larger for the head.  A child could take it from here - glue the circles to look like the famous mouse head - ta da!

I added a red polka dot bow {retired SU! ribbon} and couldn't resist a bit of glitter and gemstones....but it's best in the most simpliest form, too much adornment seems to detract from the ' cute factor '.

Now - its a great gift combo!

I loved it so much, I made extra cards on the spot!

Minnie Mouse Card
Stampin' Up! Circle Punches and ' Dotted ' Background Stamp

The Twins Gift - Disney Minnie Swimwear Collection

Uh-huh, they're so cool!

Easy with circle punches and black cardstock = 1 Mouse Head
Add a bow between the ears for Minnie or below the head for Mickey!

Thanks for reading this post {I wrote it at nearly 3 am - don't ask!} :)


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