29 June 2013

Create Fun Flowers with Daisy Bigz Die from Stampin' Up!

Hi Crafters!

LOOK what I made the other day!  Isn't it great?

Layered DAISY #2 Bigz Die using Island Indigo cardstock and my BIG SHOT!

 I loved making it because it was  s i m p l e  but challenging enough to make the curly ends!  If you know what I mean!

You could do these watching tv, and I am all about doing some things that allow you to sit and relax beside your loved ones!  Since they endure your disappearing into your craft zone, this way you can be beside them while doing these....double the pleasure. Bring some glue, a ton of the pre-cut flowers  and grab your fav "curly tool" - mine is the paper piercer {honestly I need a flower curly tool set!}.

OK - enough babbling!

9 Layer Daisy Flower
I think its pretty self-explanatory - I glue 1 inch circles to the back of 1 daisy of each size to assist in attaching them all together. Stack 3 of each size - fill in the gaps between petals by positioning each flower slightly clockwise to the one beneath. Repeat with each set of daisies from larger to smaller sets.  In the end you should have one continuous layered 'circle' created from the 9. A very 'fringey' looking circle.

  Once I have the 9 daisies glue together - stacked largest on the bottom of course, then I set to make a center 'ball' which is nothing more than some scraps rolled tight, and a couple of daisy 'tips' glued around the ball.  You could totally do a "ribbon " center - I would have, but moi does not have this colour on hand yet!

Here it is looking down at it - luscious layers!

This is one of our newest IN COLORS called ISLAND INDIGO - and I love. love, love it !!!!   Its the blue-green range of which I can never grow tired of - seriously! Never!  A little known fact on here is that I do summer projects for my own private collection - seashells, little sea creatures, life on the coast....and so I love the water colours.

Well I will be making a group of flowers to create a wall decor project - I am using our photo on our INVITATIONS and our latest July issue of SUCCESS MAGAZINE for demos - to inspire me!  Wish me luck on finishing them soon!



Nessie said...

What a beautiful flower and what a stunning colour!
Scottish greetings from Nessie

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