10 October 2009

Morning Coffee with Beverly & SU Twitter Challenge – charity/Thank You’s!

My daughter and I  have a lot of fun celebrating Thanksgiving  by donating a basket of goodies to our local animal shelter.  Last year we  found some “Turkey” canned dinners for cats and dogs, added some rawhide bones, catnip and some toys.
We owned a cute circular red, leather ‘ pet photo frame’ with a little paw print on it – which inspired me to make a paper version.  A half-dozen of these later added to the basket – we wrapped it – and my daughter delivered the basket.
So I was just thinking how I needed to get a leg up on this already for this year – but I am so busy re-organizing. Then I discovered that SU has their latest TWITTER CHALLENGE # 4make 12 blank Thank You Cards and donate them to a charitable cause. Apparently we are on the same wavelength! :)
Well….so here I am this morning with my coffee, in my cramped studio making small notecards!  My table is absolutely swamped,  so small is good! LOL!
My plan  for if you are rushed – is to go for something real simple. SO instead of last year’s ornate-take-your-time pet frames, this year I made the thank you cards as 3 inch notecards.
I’ve stamped images by using a mixture of my vintage animal stamps and new SU Thank You stamps. I plain stamped, chalked some, added some punched hearts, used my circular 1 “ punch to capture parts of the images – just played like mix ‘n’ match!  Using scraps I made 12 so far and 1 bookmark! Yeah – but I think I will make more because my intention is for them to have the ability to give a lil thank you note perhaps when someone adopts?  I might just keep adding some to a pile for Christmas – do one or two here and there. 
Well here’s the pics – and I am off to go see what we need for groceries, so HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! yeah…looks nice outside!
See the above stamp – simply change to a girl using a marker!ANIMAL FALL 030 ANIMAL FALL 031 ANIMAL FALL 032 ANIMAL FALL 033 ANIMAL FALL 034 ANIMAL FALL 035
Found these in a box of 12 – they are vintage stamps from an old school that no longer operates – are they not sweet? Very hard the rubber but they still work!

Do you Twitter? 
SU Twitter Here 
See Challenge # 4 is to make 12 blank Thank You cards and donate them to your favourite organization like a charity, school, community, etc.


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