1 October 2009

Nice Time at Molly Titus Letters of India Book Launch

Well it was a cold and sometimes gray Wednesday here in TO but it was a warm and lovely atmosphere in the lodge-like reception room in Massey College where we gathered and sipped wine for Molly Titus's book launch!  I have never been to Massey College before but the spacious room had a series of tall and slightly narrow windows overlooking bubbling fountains set amongst the low foliage and a tree here and there - definately a fall setting outside but as we settled into leather sofa's and chairs to hear Molly describe her parents adventures in their new life in India in the 30's, it couldn't have been any better - well, maybe if the fireplace had been on, but the warm glow of the candles set in glass globes around the room did equally fine!

So I was delighted to be there with my daughter and Molly was a beautiful spirit and I wish her the best on her own adventures as 'author' - she's is so in my 'inspiration' journal!  Elegant in her fuschia Bombay silk jacket paired with simple black slacks - all the more-so because her friendly face is crowned with a toss of beautiful white hair- in a pixish style reminiscent of screen actress Leslie Caron cute banged, short hairdo's, I gazed on as Molly conversed with her audience with ease - always friendly - it looked to me like she was enjoying herself.

I took a few pictures - not only for myself but for Molly's daughter, Claire - who, by the way is an ol' college mate of mine!  Here is a sample....me at the beginning, I am sampling some wine but since I don't really drink, I was just happy to be there.....

....here I am gazing out those windows I mentioned...

....line-up for book-signing!  And here I am finally with Molly!

I presented Molly with two hand-made cards.....one which I thought was homey and would reflect the 'really hand-made' feel, and another for her to give my friend, Claire - just a cute lil card for fall - featuring 2 tiny owls, like 2 friends.

Oh - here is the hallway/entrance staircase - and I totally did not notice when I took the picture that there already was a picture of the staircase on its wall, ha ha!  I guess its a staircase that calls out for picture-taking!

 So there you have it!  A little glimpse into a lovely day!


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