22 October 2009

Think of Mother-In-Laws!

While doing my bridal line-up for the upcoming show, as you know by now, I was finishing up a set of inivitation designs and turned to thinking of Thank You cards - for when the newlyweds, have returned and must tend to thanking their generous friends and family for all the great gifts.

Now granted, I was looking down at the stamp set, WONDERFUL FAVORITES, and seeing all the words I could match up with "Wonderful"....21, in fact. Words such as cousin, nephew or combos like 'to a' or 'in-law'....and that's when I thought, "wouldn't a newly-wed bride like to thank her Mother-In-Law with her own special card?  I mean, we can always find "Mother" cards just like we do when we want "Father, Daughter or Son, Aunt." etc. But "Mother-In-Law"?....well, not so often.  So that decided that and this is what I dreamed up.

I turned to my Circle Scissors Plus and made a matching ring to go with the circle. I didn't really have a size of circle in mind, but that's the beauty of the Scissors Plus because I stamped the words Mother-in-law, and then positioned the paper under the Scissors Plus and gauged my circle size 'insito' !  The ring just adds another accent. 

Next, I chose some patterned paper in green because I think greens and pink-to-purple tones always look nice together.  Two minutes of hard thinking for the embellishments....okay, maybe five mins. - you got me! (wink) .....ah yes, the 5 Petal Flower Punch to the rescue! So punch...punch...punch....glitter, glitter, glitter...and the hardest part, sewing a button on.  Well, a little bit of drudgery for such a nice effect - and there it is! 

In my haste tonight, I forgot to take the picture of the inside which says Thank You and room for the bride to write a nice note to her new mother-in-law....oh I don't know, what would you write?


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