18 November 2009

Mailing Dates by Canada Post

Get your Christmas stamps ladies!

Here is the Canada Post 2009  Holiday Season Suggested Mailing Dates 

It's getting there...time to line up your postage stamps!
Last year,  I stopped by the post office early in Nov to ask for stamps, holiday ones please....I was too early!  Fine, then when I came back a couple of weeks later, there was such a line-up at the post office. Finally, when it was my turn - they didn't have any christmas stamps left!

So far, I have repeated this....I was too early but I will skidaddle over tomorrow - no line-ups that I can see yet. 

Anyways....does anyone out there have someone in their lives that sends really, really 'early' cards or presents?  

We used to have a relative that we'd receive her gift - late October, lol!  I know she wanted to have them arrive safe but I used to laugh because as soon as we saw a parcel in October - we just knew who sent it and what it was!  The best part was that the parcels were for my daughter....and right on the parcel, for customs purposes, would be a clear explanation as to what the parcel contained!  Oh my gosh, you know how kids can grab a parcel....that beat you to the door first anyways, and so my daughter would see: "gloves and scarf" before I did.  And if I beat her to it....well, its hard to keep a gift hidden from Oct till Dec 25, ha ha! 

Oh, the memories! :) I'll have to share some more before soon.  Holidays really do - do - funny things!


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