16 December 2009

Favourite Trick - Rings and Ribbons!

I hope I didn't mention this earlier this year but its worth it if I did, because this has to be one of my fav ways to dress up a card - using " rings and ribbons " !!!

It's simplicity is great but the fascination I get is from all the combinations I can make by using this technique!

All you do is punch out a ' ring '  - I use a die-cut that has concentric circles in one die, and choose the size I want. Then you 'embed' the ring half-way behind a layer of paper or tag, etc. This 'anchors' the ring by gluing down the hidden part of the ring, allowing you to loop some ribbon through the exposed portion of the ring. See close-up pictures.

It works great for just one ring & ribbon - and it looks scrumptious when you use a whole lotta rings and ribbons!

Give it a try!      

[Note - if you do not have ring die-cut to do this, try using a length of narrow ribbon to make a loop, or even create a circle and cut away or punch out the middle - I am sure there are even more ways to do this if you think on it!]

CLICK on pictures for larger views.                                                                                                  


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