14 December 2009

Look at our 'contest' results - how many cards from half a kit?

I had a lotta fun Sat. at our local demonstrator's holiday get-together....and while I will post later about the fun things, here's one thing - a game where we divided into 2 teams, and each team had 1/2 a scrapbook kit and only 1 scissors, 1 glue and 1  paper scorer between us - talk about limited resources! Then within a time limit, we had to brainstorm about how to turn out the most 'cards'.

Well, on our team - which included a guy - yes, Paul is an avid crafter too!....and Christine who can calculate area's and figures like there is no tomorrow; puttered along before we found our stride and you can see our results!
 The other team objected out loud about their 'differences' and why they should win - but apparently, they divided the cards among themselves afterwards with better panache or something....because they won!

Well - anyways - point was, to brainstorm about coming up with something when you haven't a lot to start with in terms of tools, and only half of a kit.

I think you can see we all did pretty good - that is 36 + 52 cards from one kit!  So a total of 88 cards! 3 x 3 'cards' do count - because we have small envelopes, but I am going to use my share as tags.


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