17 May 2010

Punch Art Flowers

Aha....see, I asked you to come back and see my fun with punch art flowers!  HERE THEY ARE...so far!

It started not long ago with punch art roses, like this one....using one of Stampin' Up!'s latest manual punches, Ornament punch.....

Rose Flower

And this fueled my curiousity!  So last few days, I have been punching away like c r a z y !!! 

And the amount of inspiration in punched 'flowers' alone is  h u g e !!!  There are so many of lovely ideas! 

But so far, I am starting with easy ones....like these circle punches!


Flower #2

The colours here are a bit yellowed, that's just a flaw between my camera and the editing program!  It's fantastic looking in real life - beautiful green and a really fresh pink! 

Its only a matter of layering circles together - the bottom right, is a circle punched with a smaller circle and put together in a pleasing fashion - cool isn't it!  My daughter says its her fav so far! 

Flower #3

Here's my first one with our Full Heart Punch....you can just do 4 to 5 larger hearts attached to a small circle center. 

But I decided to add a layer behind them, using half-hearts (pictured in blue), which I ran through my crimper. 


You do not have to stamp the heart but I have a co-ordinating heart stamp, so I did.

Now here is another HEART Punch Flower - however, this is using our Heart to Heart Punch!

This punch has 3 sizes of hearts in the one punch - so I used all three, let me show you...

Flower #4

This is the 'tall, thin' heart - and you attach several behind a small circle center, then attach more in a layer behind and so on. Sparkle and embellish with smaller hearts - be creative! 

The bottom right is the same heart, but its been created with paper that is first through the Big Shot with our embossing folder to create the raised dots. 

Flower #5 

Then over on the opposite side of my page, is the same punch - only this flower is using the 
"wider" heart of the 3!  
Lots of layering!!!!
It begins by tucking right side of the first heart behind the left half of the next heart,
 and so on - keep the hearts coming if you want a really full flower !  I added half-hearts as the final layer, to spread them out which gives it a more fringe look. 

Looks lovely with the texture - add ink highlighting to really show off those polka dots! 

The center of the top flower is made by adding a couple of layers of the small heart, and curling them upwards.  
Half Flower = And the bottom left is showing a flower not quite in bloom.
I used the 5 Petal Flower punch, and cut it in half and the stem is a circle punch to create a curved area on your paper, then move the punch upwards a little above that curve - punch again - and you will have a stem! 

Anyways - that's a tour of the flowers I've created so far.  I am also working on a project that involves Punch Art Fairies - boy, so many great projects for the sunnier side of our year!!!

 Its hard to pick which ones I want to design a class or a larger event around - this time of the year conjures up soooooo many great projects that I wish I could offer a class a day!   

I will be going to do a class event around this!  How big of a project is all I need to figure out. Half a day would probably do nicely for making a small 6x6 Album of PUNCH ART  projects.

Please enquire or stay tuned!  

Beverly :)


Regina said...

hello, Beverly
thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments.
Your flower is so very cute! I have that punch and a tutorial too and I'm
I think I must to try this!
I'm so amazed at the variety of selfmake flowers on the last posting, fantastic!

Have a wonderful day

Brandy Lees said...

Super awesome rose!! Love them!

Beverly's Stamping Beehive said...

Hello Brandy - thanks for stopping by!

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