18 May 2010

Time is flying!! June 1 Sneak Peeks Begin!

Geez - I actually was caught off guard the other day when it dawned on me that JUNE is coming - which means, the end is nearing for the current IDEA CATALOGUE  - - which means you-know-what!

Yes, the NEW 2010-2011 IDEA BOOK & CATALOGUE from STAMPIN' UP! will be here in about 6 weeks!!

AND for anyone new out there to the Stampin' Up! universe .....this also means the LAST CHANCE LIST WILL BE HERE TOO - JUNE 1RST!!!!   AND ' SNEAK PEEKS ' !!!

So we will all be abuzz about the new things arriving - apparently our catalogue has grown by 16 pages!  16 pages - I'm wondering too - what will fill up 16 pages? ? ?

You know, it hasn't been that long since I started, and the first IDEA catalogue I had was for the year 2007 as it was ending. And to look in there - well, for one thing, there was no Big Shot!  Yeah, can't believe that now!
Also, there was no My Digital Studio ....and our assortment of punches was almost half of what it is today!

Plus we have seen so many new products in just the last two Mini-catalogues as well as the colour shake-up!  So for  16 NEW PAGES - I can't WAIT to find out what they will be!!!! LOL - honestly, the suspense!!!

SO stampers - we just have to sit tight!  It won't be long, not really, uh-uh! Nope!

I'll try to get news when I get it!  So stayed tuned!


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