29 December 2010

Happy Travels Christmas Cards

Happy Holidays!

We're still in a festive mood around here...but a more "relaxed" affair, thank goodness!  I hope that for those of you who celebrate the Christmas Day on the 25th, that you have had an excellent one - and for those who have Christmas still to come - I also wish great tidings for you!

However, today I was looking through my collection of  recent photos and thought to share this card I made for a lucky couple who travel a great deal, Eileen and Peter!  Thinking about the sunny surroundings one must enjoy if you were to celebrate Christmas far away from our frigid weather[emm-hmm!], I thought these two happy penguins reflected that!  Aren't they fun or what!

So if you have friends or family who will enjoy a family holiday this year or one year in the future - maybe make them a vacationers Christmas card!  As far as that goes, take any stamp and put a Christmas theme to it by merely adding those symbols of the holidays - a Santa hat, a Christmas tree, decorations, etc. - and you'll see that it will all come merrily together!


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