29 December 2010

Patchwork Page or Scrapbooking Christmas with your Scrap Pieces!

Now that we snipped and glued our way through Christmas - its time to think about scrapbooking some of those pictures!  DO IT NOW - at least 2 pages!!!!   If we put them in a box - ya' know what happens, they will sit there ad infinitum!

But - if you are like me, you purchased papers and accumulated a ton of scraps. I throw the scraps into a bin on the floor to save time. and so looking at it the other day and finding some old 'purchased' (gasp!) cards, I put two + two together and decided to do this......

and close up.....

And...I like it!  Its bright and cheery - just what I wanted.  I have to make some choices as to how I will use it, but that will come a little later. The feeling of satisfaction I achieved was that I recycled, and I managed to use up more of the pricier papers....and if you have read my earlier posts, you know its important to me to use up what I have because, after all, we pay for it with our hard-earned money!  

Now, I had one lady at a party recently comment - why would I create a page, isn't that why I purchase pre-designed paper for?  And yes, it is. But. If you have a quiet time, want to create something so unique that NO-ONE else is going to have in their albums - then I say, have fun and try this!  

TIP - I used white glue to assemble this, plain white glue and a glue stick and a slick surface ( two separate sheets of those annoying large,glossy, real estate advertising  that shows up every other week!) - and so, after you are done, position the paper between something flat and heavy to weigh down the paper to create flatness. I say that because the paper does buckle a bit from the water in the glue. This method is too much to use up expensive tape adhesive! Just sayin'! 

MORE OPTIONS Another cool thing you can do - is SCAN this and make a pdf. file!  Your own "digital design"....that is probably what I will do next. Then you can download and print your design and create other things such as tags, book covers or even wrappers for crackers, wall decor projects....lots of ways to use this. 
OK I will be back soon with some more scrapbook ideas for your holiday pics!
Bye for now!


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