25 August 2011

Prayer of Hope for Dear Friend

My heart goes out today and all my prayers to a sweet girl, Mallorie who we learned today had a tragic misfortune yesterday. She may have drowned at a local beach but was revived at the hospital - however we have no news as to her present condition.

This promising young lady grew up with my daughter and were often together for many good times, and it is with heavy hearts today that we go about our business and we are sending prayers her way and in my humble manner, I try to send out positive energy her direction - in the belief that it may help her.

As a child myself, I asked for 'extra angels' and I always feel I was granted that wish as many times I have narrowly avoided tragedy - and I hope with all my might that this will be the same for dear Mallorie!

If you are reading this - please send a special prayer for our little friend.

Blessed Be.

Hope and Mercy for Mallorie 

Mallorie is awake and responding well as far as we know!  That is such music to my ears - Thank the Lord! 
And thanks to any and all who took a moment to say a prayer for her. 


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